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Miss World Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper is overwhelmed with the kindness of Mumbai

Miss World Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper dreams of making her mark in the Hindi film industry. She has therefore been living in Mumbai for quit...

Miss World Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper dreams of making her mark in the Hindi film industry. She has therefore been living in Mumbai for quite some time now and auditioning for roles in film and web series and is working with brands too. The beauty queen and aspiring actor talks about her life in the maximum city in this story.

“I’ve always been passionate about travelling and have lived in many places in the world. I moved to Bombay from London and rather find it exciting than challenging to settle down in a new place. I consider myself a global citizen. So, for me it is easy to adapt to a new place. Of course it takes time to build your circle of friends and to build yourself professionally, but that’s how we grow when we are starting something new,” she says.

Living in Bulgaria and Mumbai are different. Margo feels there is no comparison between Mumbai with any other city in the world. “The main difference is that I’m a foreigner here and always will be. Bombay is one of the busiest, fastest and most spontaneous cities in the world. It can give you a lot but you need to fight for that. It encourages and inspires me every day. India is a big country compared to Bulgaria and there are more opportunities here,” she adds.

The best thing about Mumbai, according to Margo, is the people of the city. “I learn a lot from every person I meet and I’m overwhelmed with people’s kindness and their open hearts,” she smiles.

Many feel it's Margo’s modelling background that makes her stand apart in the industry. However, she looks at it in a very different way.

“I think it’s quite a common career for models, but I take acting seriously and consider it as a different profession. I don’t want to be just a pretty face. But, yes, I do agree that modelling taught me to be passionate, accept rejections, be able to work with big teams, be attentive to details and be ethical towards others. Modelling gave me more than just a habit of always working on myself and taking care of how I look, it gave me a chance to see myself through various different perceptions and images,” she explains.

Talking about the entertainment industry, she adds, “Life itself is a complicated thing. We are all going through something, solving so many things every day, and having many responsibilities. The entertainment industry too gives you a similar experience. We need it to be able to switch our mind from our daily routine and enjoy it. Also, the industry is a very uniting thing, it unites people of all ages, social groups and interests. Another important aspect is that the entertainment industry is a part of the cultural code. It defines what people actually like, how they live, and what they are doing. It captures the history of today,” she says.

About the challenges she faced initially when she joined the industry, Margo shares, “It’s always scary to be a new person. It takes time to get noticed. Like any person from the creative industry, you never know when and if the next job is coming, so you are constantly stressed. But it’s good stress, it pushes you to do things better and develop your skill set. I just do what I love and learning is a path. We don’t get bigger challenges that we can take. Every challenge is a step towards a dream that comes true soon.”

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