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Did you know Amitabh Bachchan was to be paired opposite Anu Aggarwal in King Uncle?

Actor turned yoga guru Anu Aggarwal became the flavour of the season with Aashiqui. After Aashiqui, Anu was flooded with a variety of offers...

Actor turned yoga guru Anu Aggarwal became the flavour of the season with Aashiqui. After Aashiqui, Anu was flooded with a variety of offers and one of them was King Uncle by Rakesh Roshan.  The face can stop a crowd. The line on the Aashiqui poster had created a lot of buzz.

For those not in the know, Amitabh Bachchan was supposed to be paired opposite Anu in King Uncle. But things didn't work out in the end and Jackie Shroff got the role. On being contacted Anu said, "It's true that the script was originally written with Amitabh Bachchan in mind but Jackie played the role! I believe things happen or don’t, and when they do, it is the perfect time for them. And if they don’t there is some blessing hidden. Who knows who I will act with now? And, whoever it is will be perfect even if imperfect in a few ways,” says the Aashiqui actor.

But Anu knew Amitabh socially and they kept bumping each other at various places. “We would end up at the same parties or nightclubs. He was always extremely polite, gentlemanly, appreciative, and almost motherly-patronizing in his advice to me on how to tackle Bollywood, as we were made of a different perspective than the prevalent trends. He was one of the handful at the time who came from similar backgrounds, with accomplishments. He had also told me once that his kids have loved me in Aashiqui,” she adds.

She also mentions working with the actor. “One of the first covers I shot with any actor was with him. I remember how funny he was when he turned up late for the shoot. He humorously blamed my Aashiqui poster with my face in it for the reason behind traffic jams. One of the most shocking things was when utter lies were written in a tabloid about me and Amitabh vacationing in Lonavala or something, There was no social media to clarify rumours in those days” she says.

King Uncle did make a difference in Anu’s career. She is also happy about how her tryst with Bollywood has been in those few years she was working as an actor.  “I am thrilled at the diverse roles I got to play in that short period of time when I was active in Bollywood. It was like each role I played in the total 4-5 films I chose to do was diametrically opposite from one and another, and were strong characters. Fanny, my character in King Uncle, had so many people come and tell me they never expected to see me look that Goan, Portuguese pretty, while making the viewer believe in that popular relationship with a child actor as well. It certainly added a feather to my acting cap,” she ends.


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