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Celebs share their special monsoon memories

Monsoon is here and we can’t stay calm. There are so many memories, both good and bitter, attached to the season. Along with giving us respi...

Monsoon is here and we can’t stay calm. There are so many memories, both good and bitter, attached to the season. Along with giving us respite from the sweltering heat, the rainy season also makes those special memories alive. Celebrities talk about their favourite monsoon memory and favourite monsoon song that they love to sing or listen to. They also talk about how they enjoy spending this season, the places they enjoy visiting during this time and the mouth-watering cuisine they gorge on every time it rains. Read on:  

Vijayendra Kumeria

I'm a monsoon person, and I enjoy the rejuvenating and energising effects of the rain.  drinking chai with garam pakoras, and I believe that during the monsoons, staying in and watching movies that I've missed out on helps to relieve all of my tiredness and stress. Of course, love and rain go along better than dogs and rain. And I remember when I was in school and had just watched Pyaar hua ikraar hua on TV so it has to be my favourite song of the monsoon.  

Sharad Malhotra

In Kolkata, where I grew up, my friends and I used to during the rain.. After a rain, Kolkata is incredibly lush and green. The smell of wet soil used to be my favourite. It feels so wonderful to be at home, just watching the rain fall outside my window. I recall looking out my window at the rain, drinking kadak chai and eating pakoras is fun.

Deepali Saini

Two years back, I went to a picnic with my friend in Lonavala. There was heavy rain and we saw that a small puppy was in trouble and we rescued him. It is one of my best monsoon memories. My favourite monsoon song is "Yeh Saazish Hai Boondon Ki, Koi Khwahish Hai Chup Chup Si" from the movie Fanna. I have many memories connected to this song.

Charrul Malik

My favourite monsoon memory is visiting National Park in Mumbai and spending your day having fresh fruits, and corn while enjoying the rain. I have done it a couple of times and am looking forward to doing the same this time as well. There's a lot of greenery, waterfalls, everything and I feel You can't get this feeling sitting at home. My childhood memory is when I was in Chandigarh with my Twin Sister, we used to make Pakoras and tea during monsoon times. So I think my childhood memory was beautiful. Enjoy monsoons but you should take care of yourself. Monsoon is close to everyone's heart. And my favourite songs are Pyar hua ikraar hua and Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si. I love both the songs.

Hrishikesh Pandey

I love the monsoon and love going in the rains. Getting wet like a kid and even while shooting, also when I'm packed up, I am out of the house, I like to go in the rain, just walk and there are many memories but I really remember one of those where I was climbing the entire Matheran. Normally people go by taxi or train but me and my friends, we climbed the entire Matheran and the whole day we were just travelling till the top and then we stayed there for 2 days. Those are the memories I will always remember my entire life. Because a lot of friends were there. We were just chilling out. And the best part is that you are surrounded by people like you. Same kind of temperament. So we had a blast. And my favourite song is Rimjhim Gire Saawan that is my all-time favourite and Aaj rapat jaayen. Throughout my life, these songs are my favourite.

Nivedita Basu

I don't know if it's a good or bad monsoon memory that I have. I remember the floods of 2005 and we all were stranded. I was coming back from a shoot and I got stranded so I had to live at my friend’s place for three days. As we had to put an episode on air, Ekta [Kapoor] had arranged school buses to pick up all the writers and everyone had to go to Sun And Sand to work. This was quite a memory. I was not very familiar with Mumbai at that time, and that was my first experience of Mumbai rains. Not sure if many people know about this song called Saawan Barse. This song features Sonali Bendre, so whenever rain comes I remember this song every single time.

Ashoka Thackur

There are many fond memories, but once I went to Ladakh on a bike that experience was really awesome. It was raining as well as snowing in between. I really like to listen to Kaka’s (Rajesh Khanna was lovingly called by this name) songs, especially Libaas.

Rahul Singh 

My most favorite memories of the rainy season are from my village, when around 20-20 children together jumped in the canal And there used to be a competition between us as to who would go under water till how far. Those days when rice was cultivated in this season, everyone used to sing songs in this monsoon like a festival and also used to work in the fields. Even today, when I go to the village, I enjoy it a lot during monsoon.

Chitra Vakil Sharma

Monsoon is my favourite season. There are just too many memories that I have with this season. When it rains heavily, I simply go to the balcony and watch it for hours. But one of my favourite monsoon memories in recent times would definitely be the one with my daughter and my doggy. I remember during Covid, when we were not allowed to step out of our houses, it was the first rain of the year and both my children were excited to enjoy it. They were so disappointed that I didn’t allow them to go down and play.  After a while, the wind changed direction and the rain started coming inside my balcony and that’s where all the fun started. We went out on the balcony, and I was enjoying coffee, while they were having the best time playing in the rain. We even played a few of our favourite songs like ‘Barso Re, Cham Cham, Koi Ladki Hai’ and many more. They danced and I sat back and watched them enjoy the rain.

Ashok Kumar Beniwal

During the entire monsoon in 2019 we 4 friends performed intense workouts in Millat Nagar BMC garden, Andheri West. We enjoyed the rain ruining, doing push-ups, pull-ups and other exercise activities. I can’t forget that monsoon ever. My all-time favourite monsoon song is - “Barkha Rani, Zara jam ke barso..”

Sambhaji Sasane 

My father used to take me, my mom and one of my sisters on his cycle, for having a Vada Paav or for Bhajee (Pakode) at his favourite roadside stall. And my all-time favourite song is Pyaar hua ikrar hua from Shree 420.

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