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A tryst with colonial cuisine at Chapter 2

The latest edition of  The Anglo Indian Food Festival is drawing in food lovers at Chapter 2, Kolkata’s first retro dining restaurant today....

The latest edition of The Anglo Indian Food Festival is drawing in food lovers at Chapter 2, Kolkata’s first retro dining restaurant today. Launched a few days ago by Shiladitya and Debaditya Chaudhury, Co-founders and Partners, Chapter 2, the event was a fun-filled affair with some of the known faces of the Anglo-Indian community like Shane Calvert, Priscilla Corner, Blossom Rae, Candice Francis, Peter Remedios, Rodney Rodrigues, Andrew Scolt, Julie Vansteensel, Denise Smith, Christopher Khare and his wife present to grace the occasion.

“Anglo Indian cuisine has such a rich and vibrant history. The food festival seeks to revive the rustic flavors of Anglo-Indian cuisine. The festival features some of the authentic Anglo-Indian dishes which can only be prepared at Anglo Indian households. Our chef Sushanta’s grandfather late Bijoy Haldar worked as a chef at Skyroom, once a gastronome’s paradise and known for its Continental fare. Sushanta is now paying the ultimate tribute to Kolkata’s culinary history by taking forward his grandfather’s legacy. We hope, the latest edition of the Anglo Indian Food Festival will be thoroughly enjoyed by our patrons and guests,” said Shiladitya and Debaditya.

The Anglo-Indian menu includes dishes like Cold Cucumber Soup, Beef Macaroni Soup, Railway Prawn Cutlet, Beef Chilli Fry, Anglo Indian Mixed Vegetable Cutlet, Anglo Indian Pork Roast, Mixed Vegetable Foogath, Country Captain Chicken Curry, Pork Bhoonie, Pork Sorpotel, Prawn Balchao etc.

Food apart, the inhouse band regaled its audience with golden oldies like Summer Wine, Smooth Operator, Hello Sunshine, Stand Up For Your Rights and Falling In Love With You. Rodney Rodrigues too pitched in with his version of the Elvis hit number along with Achy Breaky Heart and La Bamba getting everyone on the floor to dance the afternoon away.


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