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Celebs share their fondest memories of Children's Day!

Sham Mashalkar I grew up in Sholapur and I vividly remember my brother and some kids from our society used to go to the garden on Children’s...

Sham Mashalkar

I grew up in Sholapur and I vividly remember my brother and some kids from our society used to go to the garden on Children’s Day. There we used to eat samosas, bhel, and many other snacks. Every Children’s Day I used to dress up as Chacha Nehru in my school. I was a shy kid during my childhood. I especially loved the smell of roses one of which I used to put in my pocket while dressing up as Chacha Nehru. During Children’s Day we only had fun in the school. Now people have less time and we need to call each other before visiting. During my childhood, things were less complicated. My all-time favourite song is Lakdi ki kathi, kaathi pe Ghoda from Masoom film.

Shiny Doshi

My childhood was spent in three different cities Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. I have an elder brother who was quite dominating in our childhood. Whenever my parents used to leave us at home for attending social parties, they used to lock us at home and they trusted my brother to take care of me. There are many. My mom used to sing a lot of Lori for me when. I used to feel very nice and cozy in her arms. I still miss that thing because mom is in Ahmedabad right now. So I and my brother used to sing this song `` Lakdi ki kathi, kaathi pe Ghoda" and every time in Rakshabandhan I used to sing for him, ' Phoolon ka Taaron ka , sabka kehna hai '.

Hasan Zaidi

I had the privilege because of my parents i grew up in Muscat and i call them the wonder years because that was the best part of my childhood, probably the best childhood parents can give to their kids. Muscat had an Indian community which was absolutely beautiful. I went to a very good Indian school.  We grew up with different types of cultures, food, music from all over India. Muscat is a beautiful country, best traffic in the world and one of the cleanest cities. My favorite song from childhood is “voh sikandar hi doston kehlata hai haari bazi ko jeetna” from Jo jeeta wahi Sikander. Obviously also Lakdi ki kathi and all these songs were a part of my life and as a song the first was daddy cool, I remember my father used to let me drive the car and I used to sit on his lap.

Aalisha Panwar
I was born and brought up in Shimla, a small town in Himachal Pradesh and I belong to the mountains. Till 18 years of my life, I was there in the mountains so I literally belong there. I was brought up in a joint family. All the memories are very precious to me. I used to ride my cycle on our terrace and I used to chase my pet a rabbit. He was like my best friend. Small fights with my sister during my childhood is also something close to my heart. My favorite song was “Lakdi ki kathi” when I was 3-4 years old my mom or my Bua used to run behind me with food in their hand and they used to sing this song.

Simple Kaul
My most favorite childhood memory is when my parents used to leave me at my friend's place.  I loved the toys of my friends which were mostly from abroad.  There were boys because they had all those modern gadgets and loved playing with them. Those were some good memories of my childhood which went with my friends, family, and cousins. From my childhood, I miss being with my sister and my cousins because that was fun. I miss my house where I was brought up and my parents don't live there anymore, they have shifted.

Sadanand Verma
Nandan magazine used to be a famous one during my childhood and I remember I have sent one article of mine to them. The article was selected and I also got some money. The feeling was great. After my birth initially we were in Patna, when I was only three months old we moved to Delhi, so I grew up in Delhi. Later we shifted to Patna again and I remember my father used to run a small business of books. So I used to help him. I used to cycle door-to-door to sell books. I was like a right hand to my father, so there was a joy of helping, and also the experience of cycling was close to my heart. My favorite childhood song was from Mehmood Sahabs movie Kunwara Baap in which he did an amazing emotional character were to make his kid fall asleep he sings this song “ Aari aaja nindiyaa tu le chal kahin”.

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