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Celebs share their Diwali plans

For Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Prateik Chaudhary, Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm across the ...

For Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Prateik Chaudhary, Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm across the country. "It is a time for cleaning houses, getting together with neighbours, family, and friends. On this occasion, diyas and lamps light up the entire country and the sight is truly beautiful. The lighting of diyas signifies triumph of good over evil, and with all the prayers and people meeting with love in their hearts, overall there is a bright and cheerful vibe," he said. "This Diwali I am not sure if I'll get the chance to go out somewhere because of my shoot and work, but yes I am gonna celebrate this beautiful festival with my family and friends," he added.

Comedian Mubeen Saudagar says "Diwali for me is all about friends and family. The fun gatherings lit up roads and places around and smiles on everyone's faces. It's a happy feeling. My favourite Diwali moment is spending time with my wife and two beautiful daughters," said the Radhe actor.  "We will be staying home for Diwali as a precaution because we are still not 100% safe from the pandemic. I really want my family safe even after Diwali. 
I might have a few fully vaccinated friends at my place for a small gathering," he added.

Film Sooryavanshi actor Mrunal Jain thinks that Diwali festive fervour makes you feel very positive and he enjoys the festive season. "My favourite memory is my first Diwali with my wife Sweety, and we dressed well, we met friends and we went on a long drive," he said. "Diwali is always a good time to dress up well and celebrate with your loved ones, and this Diwali is special as my wife is expecting. We will celebrate at home and I’m going to eat the mithais made by my mom," he added.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha actor Vijayendra Kumeria feels that the significance of Diwali is that it is a festival of lights and it gives lots of positivity. "My favourite memory is from Ahmedabad, my hometown when all my cousins had gathered and we had a rocking time bursting crackers and eating sweets years ago," he said. "I’m in Mumbai this year, my parents are in Mumbai and I will celebrate Diwali this year with them. We will do the pooja together with the whole family," he added.

Rakshabandhan... Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal actor Nishant Malkhani describes Diwali as a festival of lights, and a time when one gets to eat a variety of mithais and delicacies. "Diwali get-togethers also give you an opportunity to meet people who matter. As far as fond memory, it goes to the time when I attended a Diwali party at a friend's place. We all had a blast, talking and dancing after burning crackers," he said. "My plans this year would be to celebrate it with family and friends as I’ve been shooting continuously. We will do pooja at home and wear new clothes and meet my friends," he added.
For Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein actress Ragini Nandwani, Diwali is all about getting festive and dressing up every year. "Diwali symbolizes victory of light over darkness. My favourite memory is from Dehradun when I used to burst crackers with my girly gang and even used to make rangoli at home," she said. "This Diwali is better as we all are vaccinated and things have opened up in the city, and one can feel the vibes of the festival. I will meet my friends and I’ll make rangoli at home as I like to decorate my home," she added.
Actress Jasmin Bhasin likes to light diyas and wish peace and prosperity for everyone. "It brightens up everyone’s lives just like the diyas. My favourite memory is from Kota where lots of mithais were made at home and there was no worry of being calorie-conscious," she said. "I’m going on a vacation to Dubai, and I hope everyone will maintain social distance during celebrations," she added. 
For Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress Nupur Joshi, Diwali has always been about the brightness and faith that we always look forward to. "It always makes you feel like you have faith around you, that there is a brighter side to everything dark around. I was always a pampered kid, so when I came to Mumbai, it was a little difficult for me to prepare for the festival alone, starting from cleaning the house, making rangoli or special food that we prepare, so I did everything on my own so for me it was kind of an achievement because my mom she is super talented, she’s a doctor, she has been taking care of us, and preparing meals, especially around festivals so even doing a pinch of what she does was an achievement for me and at the same time I was missing her. So yes, doing it all on my own and trying to fit into my mother’s shoes is kind of my favourite memory until now," she said. "Almost everyone is fully vaccinated, but I still feel we need to be aware and alert so we should go out and meet people but also follow the guidelines and wear our masks, keep sanitising ourselves, be aware of the surroundings so yes we are taking a step ahead with the new normal," she added.
According to Kawach 2 actress Pranitaa Pandit, the significance of the festival is for the fact that we celebrate it for Lord Rama’s return. "It’s a positive festival, full of lights which also brighten everybody’s life. My favourite memory is from Delhi when my mother made special Gujias and other festive delicacies for me and I had a blast as all my cousins used to gather and we used to burst crackers," she said. "This Diwali is special as my daughter Anysha also enjoys the festivities. I will decorate my home and that gives a very good feeling. I will meet friends and we will have a get-together," she added.
Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei actor Himanshu Malhotra has always found Diwali a special festival. "It’s the most beautiful festival that we all celebrate and we have a lot of memories attached with Diwali, right from school days to college days to cousins coming over, all the relatives, everyone coming over, especially in Delhi - my hometown. And every one coming over and burning crackers and eating sweets, mom preparing food for everyone, we all enjoying it. So all those memories are very special and will always be special and that is why Diwali is so special for us," he said. "This year, I will probably be going to Delhi or Ludhiana where my cousins live. It’s still not confirmed at the moment due to shoot and date availability but I’m trying my level best. And if I stay here then we will probably celebrate it with friends and have a get-together," he added.
Entrepreneur and social activist Nidarshana R Gowani recalls the time when she was a child and used to celebrate Diwali in their colony together and used to visit each other’s houses to eat Diwali sweets.
"We are going to celebrate Diwali with underprivileged children and doing a show with acid attack victims because each of the victims is spreading a beautiful light of positivity. We do Diwali pooja with our staff in office," she said.
For Ziddi Dil Maane Na actor Kavveri Priyam, Diwali signifies light, life, prosperity and lots of happiness as everybody is with their family and the feel is very good. "For me, it has always been special since childhood as my birthday also comes along during Diwali, so I really look forward. I've always been very excited about it since I was a kid as it is almost the end of the year and the end of festivals. All the Diwali that I’ve spent with my family in my hometown is actually very special, especially when I was a kid the entire neighbourhood used to come around and we used to give sweets to each other and burst crackers, so I remember that, my parents used to accompany me, we used to go to everyone’s house to take blessings and give sweets so that is my favourite Diwali memory," she said. "I will celebrate this Diwali with my loved ones, be it my family or my friends. I’ve invited a couple of friends to my place so as usual my mom will cook something really nice, festive food. We will eat and might go out as well as we’re fully vaccinated, maybe go watch a movie with family and friends, so let’s celebrate a little freedom with our loved ones with a little get-together," she added.

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