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Celebs all geared up for Dhanteras

Celebrities are ready with their Dhanteras shopping list, add that Covid has made us wise and taught us the importance of the right investme...

Celebrities are ready with their Dhanteras shopping list, add that Covid has made us wise and taught us the importance of the right investment, Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali. Much like everyone looks forward to the festival of lights, Dhanteras is also celebrated with much fervor. It’s on that auspicious day that people buy something new as it’s considered good and lucky. Celebrities talk about Dhanteras, what they are planning to splurge on this time and also the fact that the pandemic taught us how the right investment and savings matter a lot. Read on:

Nivedita Basu

We are not really into Dhanteras much. I think our mothers usually do the needful. For us, festivals are only about good food and decorating our home with lights and all. This time the celebrations will again be within the four walls. This pandemic has taught me to live every day kingsize because we don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow. Yes, the future is important. But, if you don’t take care of your health, then there might be a future. So I have now started believing in living for today.
Nilesh Ahuja
I would be buying some new household things like some cooking utensils and clothes etc. Yes, COVID has taught us to always be on a safer side and always have a backup. We should definitely go for the right investments which help our future to be secure.
Nyraa Banerji
We always buy gold because it's an auspicious day and they say if we buy gold it multiplies. Also, it’s said that the glitters of gold ward of any evil too. An alternative that can be done is to buy corn. It symbolises abundance. It’s the symbol of the colour yellow which is the colour of gold too. So I’m gonna buy a gold coin and corn. The pandemic has helped us to value money. It has taught us to keep a mindset of earning, spend only on what’s important and keep emergency funds handy always.
Nupur Joshi
Last 2 years I have had zoom meetings and been in the house throughout Lockdown, I must buy a beautiful key chain for my house. Absolutely I agree that COVID and the pandemic taught us that the right investment and savings matter a lot and invest not just in money, but also in the kind of energies you invite and send, in self-interest.
Sham Mashalkar
I am planning to buy a tab for my mother as a surprise.
Yes, the Covid pandemic taught us a lot of things like relationships and Money and saving and not buying unnecessary stuff. 
Harshali Zine
Nothing specific as such I have decided to buy on Dhanteras. I think I have everything that I need to Celebrate the festival. I mostly invest my money in learning new skills. Pandemic has given a new perspective to life. Health is the only wealth and investing in health is the best investment ever. I have invested a great deal of time and money in my mind, body and soul wellness, rest is all secondary to me.
Prateik Chaudhary
I don’t buy anything just because it's Dhanteras. I buy things whenever I feel like, on good auspicious days for me and my family. I pray for myself and for my family's good health and wealth. For me, the pandemic and the lockdown have taught me to do the right investment and savings. But, thankfully, from the beginning only I believe in savings and spending less on unnecessary things.

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