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Ayushman holds ‘Walkathon 2021’

  A peaceful walk by NGO Ayushman (Initiative for Child Rights) was organized on Children’s Day 2021 obtaining all the Covid-19 protocols fr...


A peaceful walk by NGO Ayushman (Initiative for Child Rights) was organized on Children’s Day 2021 obtaining all the Covid-19 protocols from Victoria House, Dharmatala (CESC Main Office) to Press Club, followed by a Press Conference at the Press Club. Eminent personalities like Debashis Kumar, Member of Legislative Assembly, Sambaran Banerjee, Ex Bengal Captain, and Ranji Trophy Champion, and Pandit Mallar Ghosh were present to support the initiative.

Children have been majorly affected during disputes between their parents. It is noticeable that they are denied their rights including the right to get love, care, and affection from both the parents. They are exploited and used as an extortion tool sometimes. There is no one to represent such children. Orders from several courts are extremely insensitive towards them in many cases and are against the mental wellbeing of the children. In order to ensure complete justice to such children and not treat them as just another ‘Case’, Ayushman has started a continuous activity from this November 14, 2021 (Children's Day). This activity will go on in several parts of the country on a rotation basis. It will be repeated at different locations majorly outside family courts on different days. The aim is to request the judiciary and bring to their notice for taking decisions in the interest of children who are the future citizens of the country and also to protect their basic right of being in the company of both the parents.
Chairman of AIFCR, Dr Saibal Basu said that the cavalier attitude of the Indian State in upholding the inherent rights of our children needs to be addressed on a war footing. At AIFCR it is our endeavour to bring about positive change to our collective outlook towards our children so that we can restore their rights as independent citizens of India. We seek the active collaboration of the media in our effort to sensitize the various state actors towards this goal.    
Secretary of AIFCR Arijit Mitra explained, “Parental alienation is a kind of child abuse and it is done in most cases without giving proper thought to how severely the little mind might get impacted from the entire custody scenario. Though the entire fiasco could be avoided if both parents get the equal opportunity of Co-parenting the child without having to fight for it. Our motto is to ensure the same by bringing this to the notice of the government through peaceful Walk, which does not include slogans. Apart from Kolkata, we are also focusing on these issues  in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad where we have our satellite chapters and gradually throughout the country and also reach out to the judiciary for prompt and quick justice for these children.”

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