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Celebs urge to pay attention to mental issues

There has been a growing concern around more and more people facing mental health issues across the globe. Given the taboos, stigmas attache...

There has been a growing concern around more and more people facing mental health issues across the globe. Given the taboos, stigmas attached to ailments of the mind many don’t express themselves in the fear of being misunderstood. Things get all the more difficult for introverts. Addressing the issue, celebs share their opinion on World Mental Health Day, October 10. They also reveal if they are introverted or extroverted themselves, and how they deal with certain situations. Read on:

Ragini Nandwani

Given the nuclear family culture and growing digitisation of communication, social skillsets are getting diminished by the day. This has resulted in a larger population of introverts who are not used to sharing their emotional issues upfront. I would classify myself as an extrovert in that sense as I have an ecosystem of close-knit family and friends' to share my thoughts and emotions with. Mental health is often ignored. From childhood, we end up hiding our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s time we vent it out. Suppressing things inside is injurious. The collective change has to be brought in with everyone’s efforts.
Sneh Binny 
Mental health is extremely important. All of us have now been focusing on mental health post-Covid since it has taken a toll on people’s mental health. It’s very important to express emotions. We all have emotions and feelings. I am an extrovert because I am always out there and quite comfortable about expressing my feelings.
Nilesh Ahuja
I am basically an introvert, but I know one should be comfortable in expressing their views so as to address the fears that we feel within. It is very important to express our feelings and emotions to our close ones at least so that the things do not get piled up within. I believe mental health is equally or rather more important than physical health. Every child should get mental health-related education. They must understand the importance of expressing themselves without fear.
Harssh A Singh
I’m an extrovert but I don't find it easy to express my feelings. Most of us think that revealing our vulnerabilities is a sign of weakness, which is so unhealthy and so outdated. Why do you think so many people fight on the streets in this country? It's all due to repressed emotions. It's time to embrace our vulnerabilities with all honesty. Please express yourself and respect others when they open up and express themselves.
Salim Diwan
Mental health plays a vital role in our lives. If it's good everything feels awesome but when it gets disturbed due to personal or professional reasons life gets ruined. Most introverted people face these problems as they don't socialise and don't express their feelings. They end up getting stressed and depressed. I am an extrovert by nature and prefer sharing my thoughts with my people, expressing my feelings whether it is good or bad, because somewhere that makes me feel light. My loved ones' support and guidance also help me move ahead.
Nidarshna Gowani
A Lot of people don't want to talk about their mental health because they still think that when they talk, people take it in the wrong way, might think that you're mentally unfit and consider you an outcast. I do believe people are introverts when it comes to expressing their inner feelings or discussing what's giving them stress. The fear of getting judged is pertinent. But what they don’t understand is that if they express themselves then they can help themselves and also others also who are suffering from other problems of the mind. We should reach out to these people who are in need of those who would understand and help them. A lot of mental peace comes from within, so you need to help yourself. You have to do the right exercises, yoga, meditation, talk or write down your feelings. And if things go out of hand, feel free to consult doctors.
Saurabh Agarwal
Mental health is a very serious issue. Most of us face something or the other ailments of the mind. And that is because the society we are living in has created certain taboos and stigmas that judge people facing mental health issues. I try to reach a different state of mind through spirituality and meditation. One has to understand the chronology of their mind, psyche, and heart. Not everything will be good, things will get worse too. We also must accept our flaws. I'm an introvert but till I didn't understand myself I was also suffering. So those conflicts around what I want to achieve, what I want to become, and what I desire in life were there along with the questions, why me? Did I deserve this? These later on become trigger points. But being an introvert doesn't mean I should not express my emotions. Earlier I used to hide my feelings, but not anymore. We are living in a world where our lives are stressful. Everyone is running after something or the other. We're living according to our competitors. We can contact anyone in any possible way. Social life has become close and complex. Now people are not contacting each other face to face but via social media. We need to get real now and extend support to those around us who need it the most.
Shiny Doshi
Most people tend to be introverted when it comes to their own feelings and emotions because sometimes people are being judged 24X7. So that obviously is a scary thing. I feel we all need that one person in our life, could be our friend, mother, father, sibling, husband, wife, anybody, with whom you can express your feelings without being judged. You need to vent it out. There has to be a place where you can do that. If you don’t have such a place, reach out to a therapist. Good mental health should be our priority. It is more important to liberate yourself internally to enjoy your life and be happy. When you have good mental health you can deal with different difficult situations that come your way. One needs to remove the fear of getting judged from within. The day you'll remove your fear, your anxiety will be calm and you will be able to find a solution for it. Find that one person to whom you can talk about anything, someone who is always there to hold your hand, give you good advice. Accept your flaws, situations, and love yourself. And, stop overthinking and be patient. Meditate, exercise, do yoga and do things that make you happy. Enjoy your life to the fullest!

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