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Celebs pays tribute to teachers who helped them learn and grow

In our life, there are times when we come across people or read or get to hear about someone who is a complete stranger but their work, word...

In our life, there are times when we come across people or read or get to hear about someone who is a complete stranger but their work, words and achievements inspire and change our perspective towards life. This someone, who is not necessarily a teacher by profession, often ends up teaching us some of the most beautiful things of life. Teacher’s Day celebrates and pays tribute to all the teachers who make us better human beings, guide us to move ahead in life and help us in understanding the importance of our existence. September 5, the birth anniversary of academic, professor, philosopher, politician, and second President of India, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is observed as Teacher’s Day in India. Celebrities share about their favourite teacher and what they have learned from them:

Eijaz Khan

My father Sattar Khan was and is my first teacher. He has the most logical, practical and sensible approach to any issue or problem in life. The more time passes the more I realise that it is not necessary that one take one's own advice, it is easier to give advice/teach a near and loved one. Now that I am in love, it has made me a better individual. I also have nephews and niece, a younger sister and I often give them a lot of advice but sometimes I have to play the role of a father also to Pavitra Punia (girlfriend; actor). I realised how difficult it is being a father and a teacher. One thing that my father keeps on telling me is to have a very simple approach to every issue. If point A is the problem and point B is the solution, then we need to find the simplest and most efficient way to form the connect between points A and B. We come from a family of engineers, so that's always been the approach. Apart from this, he has instilled sportsmanship, a lot of other practical learning starting from how to stand in a bus, how to buy tickets from a railway counter to how to drive. So yes, my father has been my first teacher and I am really proud of that.

Pranitaa Pandit
There is one person who has taught me a lot in recent times and has actually changed me as a person and that is my own daughter. I feel a child can teach you everything that you lack. She's taught me patience and love. The amount of patience your own child can teach you I don't think anyone can. I probably had a thought about the meaning of real love in my head but only a child teaches you what true selfless love means.
Sagar Parekh
I think time and life are important teachers. While living our lives, we learn many new things. I still remember I went to a place where there was just a normal gathering for some motivational speaker. I didn't know him. I was just randomly crossing by and by when I heard the motivational speaker talking I stopped to listen to him for a minute and he quoted something which has been there in my mind since then. He said that, nothing in your life is guaranteed to be there tomorrow including those who you love, this is a hard life and this is a hard lesson to learn but the most important one. And that life can change in an instant so make sure you appreciate what you have while you still have it. From that day I have stopped expecting things in life, in terms of my career, growth and don’t crave for much. I just appreciate where I am, what I have and I am grateful for that. I think that has made me a lot happier and satisfied. But that doesn't mean the desire or craving of more success has decreased. It's the sense of realisation that you need to accept that whatever you have, you earned it and you should be proud and happy about it.
Himanshu Ashok Malhotra
We do meet many people who teach us many things in life. One of the most beautiful lines that I've learnt from this lady Ekta Dixit, who is an Instagrammer, when I got in touch with her has stayed with me. She told me something very beautiful. She said wherever any problem comes we have two choices in our lives, the two choices are either participate or run. Whenever a problem comes instead of escaping from it, I think it's important that we participate in it because the moment we participate at least we get to have an experience. But the moment you begin to run away you lose every aspect of your life because I think God also can sense all the problems and this participation helps us learn and grow as we step forward. Apart from that, if I have to take it from a book, it should be Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’. There it is written that either do the work you love or find love in the work you are doing. I think this is very important because we take work as just work, it's high time we should start loving what we are doing or better don't do the things you don't love. One more thing he has written is that people who do not love their work should actually beg from people who love their work. It's very important that you love what you do or only do what you love.
Kaveri Priyam 
I have always said and believed that life is the biggest teacher and in different stages of life we meet different people who some way or the other influence and shape our personality. Not just one but there are many people in my life( Some still in touch and some aren’t) who have taught me a lot of things about life in general. It will be unfair if I take a particular person's name because for me each one of them is equally important and so are the lessons taught by them.
And last but not the least I would like to thank them all for helping me become the person I am today. It is very important to value people who matter.

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