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Celebs pay tribute to their teachers who helped them learn and grow

In our life, there are times when we come across people or read or get to hear about someone who is a complete stranger but their work, word...

In our life, there are times when we come across people or read or get to hear about someone who is a complete stranger but their work, words and achievements inspire and change our perspective towards life. This someone, who is not necessarily a teacher by profession, often ends up teaching us some of the most beautiful things of life. Teacher’s Day celebrates and pays tribute to all the teachers who make us better human beings, guide us to move ahead in life and help us in understanding the importance of our existence. September 5, the birth anniversary of academic, professor, philosopher, politician, and second President of India, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is observed as Teacher’s Day in India. Celebrities share about their favourite teacher and what they have learned from them:

Shiny Doshi

I would first like to thank all my teachers who taught me in school and college. I've learnt so much because of them, be it manners, grace, education or anything related to the world. Honestly, my true mentor/teacher has been my mother. Whatever I've learnt from my mother, I don't think I have learnt from anyone else. She still teaches me so much and is always there with me. Every day I feel blessed. During every Teacher’s day and Guru Purnima, I wish and thank my mom. Life lessons like how I should be as a human being, that life would be difficult so I will have to often struggle and fight with problems to move ahead but I have to be strong and move on in life are a few of the things she keeps on telling me. When I came to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, I was all alone and there used to be times when my mom would come but then she had to go back to Ahmedabad, so I had to learn cooking, deal with all sorts of other issues as well. She taught me everything. She has gone through so much in life and always tells me you are a strong girl and don't let anything negative hamper your motivation and stay grounded. I have also learnt to be spiritual, give importance to nature, environment, God and the universe from her. She always tells me to pray because prayers have a lot of strength. So whenever I am stuck or have any issue, she tells me to sit down and pray for five minutes and trust God to show me the path and this has always worked for me.

Hasan Zaidi
Very recently I was shooting in Delhi and this gentleman, who is into construction, was just listening to my conversation, and later on I got to know that he's been following my career graph for a while. He told me, 'Hasan I think that you expect too much from people, but that should not be the approach'. My mother used to keep telling me that for a long time. Although I am not overtly religious, but I have started praying and offering namaz every day, which has changed my life. Not saying that I've become religious as I am doing everything else that I was always doing, it’s just that I pray as well now. He said you just have to ask from one because you will get everything from there (mangna sirf ek se hi hai, kyun ki milega wahin se baaki apni koshish karte raho). So keep trying your best, meet people but don’t have much expectation from anyone except from Allah or the universe or however you address the almighty. So this one thing he said stayed with me and has changed my life.

Sheena Bajaj
Miss Abigali, Miss Brinnell, Grace Pinto ma’am, Pamela ma'am (she is no more) are my teachers from my school, Ryan Christian School, who have taught me a lot. Pamela ma’am told us to be kind and helped me a lot to do my work. So many films that I did as a child actor and she was the one who allowed me leaves to help me with my curriculum. She used to send teachers to my place to help me out so that I don’t miss out on anything. I would often stay back after school and learn from her and other teachers. They are happy for who I am today. I am still in touch with most of my teachers. Also, I remember Grace Pinto ma’am. She owns the entire group of Rayn institutions and kind of encouraged me to do what I always wanted to do and believed in me. I think these are the two people who have inspired me the most in life and helped me become who I am today… I've learnt a lot from them, especially patience.

Harjinder Singh
If you look at it then the whole life is a sort of learning. Every day you meet new people and learn new things. You will only learn if you keep your mind, eyes and ears open. Listen to what others are trying to say. Everyone you meet will have some or the other experience that will teach you something. It is said that we should learn from other people’s mistakes as well. There are a lot of incidents where you listen to a person, their experiences and you understand what things you should and shouldn't do in life. I have learnt a lot from my mother. She told me no matter how bad someone does to you, never do bad to anyone because what they have done is their karma, don’t make it yours. Another thing is patience as nothing will happen before time, no matter how much you try. Also, to never stop your hard work, but stop cribbing. Keep the craze of going forward but things will only happen with time.

Nivedita Basu
My parents are the biggest impact in my life and so are my in-laws for being so well-read and telling us things that probably we didn't read ourselves. In my workspace, Ekta Kapoor is my teacher and I think I've said it every year. Whether I've moved away or grew apart but nobody can take that away from the fact that she has taught me and wherever I am today is because of Balaji Telefilms. I think she does this to a lot of people who work with her. I've known her for 22 years and know how she is with her employees. She teaches and helps them grow and flourish. I think these are the essential qualities of a good teacher.

Vijayendra Kumeria
I have learnt a lot of things from my father. I have observed him and have tried adopting all his goodness. He is a tough guy with a heart of gold. He does not shy away from helping people. He believes in hard work. He stands up for what is right. These are the things that make you a man of character. I have learnt all this from my father, my idol.

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