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Celebs on how youth can contribute in ensuring peace

September 21 was International Day Of Peace, and its theme this year is the road to lasting peace: leveraging the power of youth for peace a...

September 21 was International Day Of Peace, and its theme this year is the road to lasting peace: leveraging the power of youth for peace and security. Keeping this in mind, celebrities have shared how youth can contribute in ensuring peace.

Virodhi actor Sharad Malhotra feels that youth is power. "The youth has to react in the right manner and not become over-reactive. Their carefree attitude or 'care a damn' attitude shouldn't be there. They should learn and improvise. The obstacles for the youth can be their over-reactive and hyper attitude. They need to understand that aggression doesn't provide a solution. They should be introduced to meditation. As far as curbing the hate on social media is concerned, I post relevantly. I am not obsessed with it and I don't spend too much time on it. Social media is a powerful tool, that's it."

A list designer designer Anjali Phougat thinks that youth can contribute in ensuring peace by following guidelines, respecting each other, by being kind and reading good books. "While youth has the power to bring about a change, their high energy and unhealthy lifestyle can pose a big obstacle in achieving peace. On a personal level, I have started meditating and I also do one act of kindness every day to curb the hate and cancel the culture social media stands for."

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri actress Aalisha Panwar thinks the youth can contribute in ensuring peace by having more knowledge and awareness. "They should first know about the conflicts around them because without proper knowledge and awareness, sometimes we tend to give our opinion and suggestion and then a situation comes where we become more violent. I don't think that is the right way. One should first understand the problem, look for the cause and then find out the solution and even if when you have to give a solution, it shouldn't be in a violent manner. I think the biggest obstacle in achieving peace, especially when it comes to youth, is that at times it might be ego clashes. You are young but that doesn't mean that you can fight or you can make noise or you can create violence. When you are young, you should channelise that energy into something positive. We should also know how to control our anger. Something that I have adapted in my life to cancel the hate is I have resorted to plants. I suggest people to bring nature home. Plants calm you and you can pass your time by taking care of them. I would like to conclude by saying that let's not fight every time with everyone around us. Let's just live our lives and let others live their lives."

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 actress Sneha Namanandi feels that youth can help in maintaining peace by doing what's right, following the path of non-violence, controlling their anger, expressing their opinion and creating awareness. "For the youth, the obstacle can be their impulsive attitude and indecisiveness. I don't let negative comments on social media affect me. I focus on the good things about myself and the people around me and don't care what the world is saying. I am a dog lover and playing with them and talking to them is such a big stress-buster for me."

Mr. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein actress Ragini Nandwani feels that today's youth will be leaders of tomorrow. "We have seen how war, strife and conflict only lead to regression of countries and nations. Today's youth is more enlightened and have the hindsight of past conflicts and the disastrous results thereof. So they are good to take care of this generation and the next. The biggest obstacle is the festering radicalism that is sought to be instilled in the youth to polarise them on the basis of gender, religion etc. Inclusive is the way to go. I ignore trolls and I don't troll for the sake of putting down anybody or their thoughts. Social media has become a messenger of not just thoughts, but also hatred and negativity. I do my best to remain positive and spread positivity."

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