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Celebrities and their rendezvous with their fans

Actors command absolute fan frenzy, courtesy the roles they play on screen.  Sharing their most memorable fan moments, celebrities said they...

Actors command absolute fan frenzy, courtesy the roles they play on screen. 
Sharing their most memorable fan moments, celebrities said they are “incomplete” without love and support from their fans. Here’s what they have to say:

Saahil Uppal:Love keeps me motivated

I consider my fans as my support system. It is a unique relationship where I haven’t met (all of them), but they still root for me, support me, shower immense love. In such demanding times, they still invest their time and efforts to make me feel special in their best way. I feel overwhelmed. And seeing such love keeps me motivated, I always strive to keep them entertained and happy with my work. I hope I always make them proud.

I was once driving back home from the set when I saw this girl who was waving at me and was trying to grab my attention. And the moment I realized, I pulled over and she came running to me and told me she is a fan and that she made her fiancé wait and detoured just to meet me. She was in tears after meeting me.

Salim Diwan: Actors exist because of their fans

For a true artist, appreciation matters more than money. Artists want people to recognize their work, earn fame. Fan adulation motivates me to do better. They are very important to me. Their loyalty and support help you wade through all the difficult times of your life. Whatever happens, your loyal fans will never leave your side. I am grateful for having them in my life. In fact, I would say actors exist because of their fans.

There is one fan of mine, whom I have never met, but he found me on social media and sends me a request every day with multiple ids so I can accept his request and after some time I noticed him and accepted his request, and then he requested me for my address. Since then till now, he sends me a special cake on every birthday. I feel grateful for such love and support.

 Nikkiey Chawla: Appreciation from fans is the true wealth

We are here because of our fans and their appreciation motivates us. Money, fame all this gives satisfaction but appreciation from fans is the true wealth. I am blessed with good loyal fans. Having fans in life is very necessary.

One interesting incident is one of my fans got to know his best friend is dating my friend. Then they came to my place to meet me and even that fan came along with him. The moment he saw me he was so scared and nervous. Then my friend told me he was my biggest fan. The memorable thing is he asked for an autograph and I was not getting a paper so he removed his handkerchief and said that give your autograph on it. He had framed the handkerchief.

Hasan Zaidi: Adulation of fans is very touching

I don’t like people who are too inclusive. By the grace of Allah, we have so many people who admire and adore us and it’s such a good thing. Earlier there was Facebook or Instagram so you weren’t so easily accessible. I am very humbled to people who talk about my work rather than my looks.

I did two episodes in ‘Gumraah’ where I played gay man and I received a lot mails from fans writing such great things. The adulation that I got was very touching. 

Shobhit Johri: Fans are the who make us

 Fans are who make us what we are. I had one very interesting fan experience when I was shooting in Malta for ‘Bharat’. A little girl came up to me for an autograph on a card and I wrote ‘Girl power’ and signed it. She then said "Can you also ask him who is sitting next to you to get me an autograph?” Guess who was sitting next to me, Salman Khan.

Salman had a long queue for autographs, so that girl could not get his autographs but she had my autograph and when she went away, she smiled back at me & waved. That was a really cute and heartwarming experience for me.

Jai Singh: Fans are an integral part of an actor's life

Fans are an integral part of an actor's life. It's their love that keeps us going. I was traveling back to Mumbai from Diu from the shoot of ‘Ishk Par Zor Nahi’ last month and had got vaccinated two days back. My body was still weak, and I wasn't able to pick up my trolley, which was really heavy. I was catching my breath, when a guy in his early 20s came forward to help. I was a little awkward, but he picked it up and simply said “Sir, I'm a big fan of ‘Ishk Par Zor Nahi’ and you. I like your look and acting.” The same person stayed back and helped me with my bags at the baggage belt even in Mumbai, even though his bag had arrived much earlier than mine. And I was truly touched by this gesture.

Jasmin Bhasin: Fans motivate me to perform better

I remember going to Amritsar with my friend and it was a short trip and I didn’t want anybody to know I was in Amritsar. So I quietly covered my face and I was walking towards the Golden temple from the hotel as my hotel was close by to the temple. 

I don’t know how but in a few seconds a crowd gathered and they recognized me. It was so overwhelming to see such a lovely response from the public towards me. Every day the first thing we see is social media and the love and wishes from our fans. They motivate me and I get a kick to perform better.

Smita Dongre: Fans are very important in a celebrity’s life

The appreciation of your work from your fans does boost you. Fans are the certificate of your work. They are very important in a celebrity’s life. Once I went shopping and a salesgirl noticed me and was continuously following us, I ignored her thinking it might be a coincidence. But when I finished my shopping and came to the billing counter she also came there. She refused to take payment from me. I was surprised and asked her why she said, I regularly watch your show ‘Balika Vadhu’. I was happy and acknowledged her gesture. And told her to take the payment, she gave me carry bags as a compliment and later took a picture with me.

The relationship between fans and actors is symbiotic, they both love and value each other and certainly that’s how it should be.

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