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Guru Purnima: Celebs talk about one guru mantra that changed their lives

The occasion of Guru Purnima has a great significance in our lives. On this day, we pay homage to our academic and spiritual teachers, who g...

The occasion of Guru Purnima has a great significance in our lives. On this day, we pay homage to our academic and spiritual teachers, who gave us direction, prepared us for the journey ahead and made us better human beings. The day, also known as Vyasa Purnima, was observed on July 24. Talking about the mentors in their lives, celebrities share about how their gurus and their guru mantras have been their guiding force and have changed their lives. 

Jai Singh

My first guru is my mother. I have got all my artistic talents from her. I think, just like Abhimanyu, I must have started my lessons when she was carrying me. She also taught me patience and to develop my willpower. My second guru changed my life in my mid 20s. And he is Mr. Yashraj Jadhav, who was my dean at Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares - The School for Actors academy. He inspired me to chase my acting dreams. I owe my life to my mother and my career after I finished that course to Yashraj sir. He is a father figure to me. I discuss all my decisions before finalising them with him and my mother.

Parull Chaudhry

My mother is my guru and I have learnt everything from her.  A few things she keeps on telling me is to never give up on your dreams, keep working hard, be a good human being, help others without expectations and that karma takes care of everything. These lessons from her are what keeps me going.

 Anjali Phougat

I read Bhagavad Gita and the mantra of my life that has helped me stay calm in different situations in life is “The meaning of Karma is in the intention”. It says that “the intention behind action is what matters. Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do.” Karma yoga says that your work is your responsibility, not its result. Never let the fruits of your actions be your motive, nor give in to inaction. Set firmly in yourself, do your work, do not be attached to anything. Remain even-minded in success, and in failure. Even mindedness is true yoga. I have followed Krishna from childhood. The Lord is also my guru.

Yamini Malhotra

I follow Shiv yog. My Guru is Baba Avdhoot Shivanand ji. Babaji’s mool mantra is “aham brahmashmi” that is I am the creator of my own Destiny. If you want something, create it for yourself. He also says that we own 100 percent responsibility for whatever is happening to us because we emit vibrations, which create energy and that turns into reality. If you think negatively, you emit negative vibrations. If you think positively, you emit positive vibrations. So change your thoughts and change your reality. I meditate the way he has taught us and I send my thoughts to the universe and then let the universe do the magic for me.

Chitra Vakil Sharma

I am always thankful and grateful to my guru. A guru is the one who supports you and guides you in all possible ways. My elder sister Adv. Rohini Vakil Kapoor is my guru. As a child she guided me about what is right and wrong, she had my back when I decided to start working. A couple of years back when I decided to start TSM Productions, the only person I could think of was her. I told her that now I have a new dream and I need to learn and grow big in the field of entertainment. And, she was there. My sister is my inspiration, wherever I am today is because of her.

Harjinder Singh

I'm a staunch believer of Shree Radhe Maa ji! Since childhood, I have been blessed to be in her divine feet! She has given direction and meaning to my life. Radhe Maa ji has always taught us to believe in humanity and be more humble. Radhe Maa ji believes we need to be satisfied with what we have and the one who is greedy and a miser with a poor heart. I learned from Radhe Maa ji to be happy and grateful for everything I have in my life. 

Shobhit Johri

Every one of us has a guru and it's the guru, who chooses his disciples and not vice versa. My guru is Lord Shiva. My guru mantra is ‘Mahamrityunjay mantra’. Chanting this mantra gives me power, courage and determination, and also helps me in overcoming all the obstacles. It heals my body and mind. Regular chanting of this mantra also awakens the spiritual chaakras in our body. I chant my guru mantra daily. It brings the best out of me, keeps my mind, body and soul connected. It gives me peace, helps me stay focused.

Zohaeb Farooqui 

Focus more and think less is my mantra! For the past six years, I’ve been training myself physically with my team through MMA, flexibility, dance, etc. I have learned so much from the teams training me, so, be it directly or indirectly, they have become my guru for life. I dedicate this day to those who have worked as hard as me to teach and groom me.

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