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Delnaaz Irani on the short film 'Will You Be My GirlFriend' directed by 'Super 30' actor Ali Haji!

  Actress Delnaaz Irani will soon be seen in a short film titled 'Will You Be My Girlfriend' directed by Ali Haji, the child acto...


Actress Delnaaz Irani will soon be seen in a short film titled 'Will You Be My Girlfriend'

directed by Ali Haji, the child actor-turned director. He got his breakthrough with 'Fanaa' 

as Aamir Khan and Kajol’s son. He was also seen as Champ in the 2007 film 'Ta Ra Rum 

Pum' as Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherji’s son. This is Delnaaz and Ali’s second collaboration,

'Justice For Good Content 'being the first feature film where they teamed up. Speaking about

the short film Delnaaz says, "First it was for 'Justice For Good Content' and then he offered me 

'Will You Be My Girlfriend' And I said to myself- why not because work has to start somewhere. 

While working with Ali I have realised that he has tremendous potential as a maker. He is a 

young man loaded with ideas.” 

Delnaaz plays actor Darsheel Safary’s mother in the short film. Speaking about her experience 

of working with Darsheel, Delnaaz says,”He is a shy guy and is working hard to make his mark 

in the industry. He is very respectful and I had a great time working with him. The story is about 

various phases of love in life. The project has a young bunch of talent which I liked a lot. My look

is of a modern mom who is loving and understanding. She understands that love happens in 

high school and then there will be breakups and infatuations. She also understands her son very

well. I had only parts with Darsheel which I wrapped up in one day.  The cast and crew of' Will 

You Be My Girlfriend' are such youngsters. I joke with them - if I would have planned a baby at 

the right time I would have a kid of their age. After working with Ali in 2 films I look forward to 

working more with him.” 

Delnaaz who is not new to the format of short films says,” This is a lovely format. I have done a 

short film'My Mother’s Wedding' and it is a wonderful film made by a young guy Sanil Gosavi. 

My confidence grew when I did this film. I would love to explore this genre further. Also in this 

pandemic, any work is welcome  Post lockdown when work is started all genres are welcome. 

For the last one and a half year, it is extremely tough for all of us. Just when things were getting 

back to normal, the second wave hit us. This pandemic seems like a never-ending thing. We 

have to be vaccinated, follow the guidelines and the production house needs to make sure that 

we are safe and comfortable.  Because we just can’t wait for the pandemic to get over. That’s 

my way of seeing the situation.”


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