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Celebs say a good neighbour is a blessing, more so amid the pandemic

We have grown up with our parents telling us that we should be cordial with our neighbours. But given our fast-paced lives, the way some of ...

We have grown up with our parents telling us that we should be cordial with our neighbours. But given our fast-paced lives, the way some of us keep changing cities for work and this apartment culture, many of us don’t know our neighbours well. Among the many things this pandemic is teaching us is to be close to each other, know our neighbours and help them when required. Celebrities talk about the blessing of having a good neighbour and how it helps all the more when you are away from family:

Sneh Binny

I do know my neighbours. It’s very important to have good neighbours. They can be very helpful in difficult situations. Good neighbours are definitely a blessing in times like these. They have helped people who have gone through home quarantine by giving them food and helping them in whatever way they can. I live with my family, and we know our neighbours and they are super helpful.

Anjali Phougat

We live in a very friendly neighbourhood and New Albany is rated as one of the best areas to live in the USA. It is a close-knit community where it is quite easy to forge new friendships. We love it here and our neighbourhood is amazing. Everyone is really warm and friendly. We can’t imagine life away from our family without a good neighbourhood. It is a blessing especially during the Covid-19 crisis when you can’t do much.

Chandni Soni

I grew up in a small town where neighbours were like family. In fact, my mother would never be bothered if I'm not at home for meals as she knew that our neighbourhood auntie must have fed me. The situation in metro cities is different; given the hectic lifestyle, everyone is busy. No one actually has the time to sit and chat with the neighbours. I am blessed to have neighbours whose door I can knock at any time of the day for help. Having them during lockdown was a big blessing. As we couldn’t step out of our building, my neighbours were the only people I interacted with.

Saahil Uppal

In Delhi, we had a special bond with the neighbours. We would share food and take care of each other when needed. For us, neighbours are like our family, who are just a phone call or doorbell away. But Mumbai is not like that. Everyone here is so busy with their own lives that they don’t even bother to see or know who lives next door or what’s happening in their lives. They don’t believe in intruding into anyone’s personal space. I believe it’s important as you have someone right next to you whom you can call in an emergency or just enjoy a festival with or share a laugh with in times like these. During these difficult times, for homes where there are elderly people or people who are unwell, neighbours have proved to be the lifeline. I am not saying that you should let everyone inside your homes, but you should at least build a relationship with people so that you don’t have to think twice before asking them for help.

Delnaaz Irani

I live in a very beautiful society, in the suburbs of Malad, and yes I have good neighbours. We interact with them all the time. They're like family, and I think good neighbours are blessings in these times. You need good neighbours because in any kind of emergency, I feel that I'm kind of a person, good or bad. I need to share my emotions. I'm a very people's person, so what happens is when there are good neighbours I want to share a good meal with them, especially during festivals and other occasions, also when there is a kind of emergency, I feel very protective and protected with them around. My neighbours are caring, so am I towards them. We interact and spend happy times together.

Nikkiey Chawla

Yes, I know my neighbours very well, it's been somewhat seventeen years I’m living on rent away from my house. The one rule I always follow is to know my neighbour. It’s not necessary that you have to go to their house but you should always share a cordial relationship. Your neighbours are always there, so you should be. I always maintain a very healthy relationship. I'm a Punjabi and in Punjab we always take care of our neighbours, you have to be very alert as a neighbour as a lot of time I have seen domestic violence happening so I have saved many of them. Especially in this lockdown we have helped many, we used to make food one day at my home and the other day at my neighbour’s, so we are three neighbours. So, yes, good neighbours are a blessing.

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