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XLRI hosts Leadership Talk with Chief Economic Advisor to Govt of India

Jamshedpur: Ex-PGDM Placement committee, XLRI in its ‘XLRI Leadership TALK SERIES 2021’ recently organized a Leadership Talk Session with Dr...

Jamshedpur: Ex-PGDM Placement committee, XLRI in its ‘XLRI Leadership TALK SERIES 2021’ recently organized a Leadership Talk Session with Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India on “Economic Reforms” in virtual mode last week. There can be economy only where there is efficiency - This thought was discussed and introspected from all aspects by none other than the man himself in this exclusive session on "Economic Reforms."

XLRI Talk Series is designed to appreciate and learn from leaders' experiences from all walks of life. The XLRI talk series kicked off in 2017. It is an initiative to develop different perspectives while addressing the challenges in a highly dynamic environment. Since its inception, many eminent personalities from different domains and parts of the country have provided invaluable knowledge, experiences, and insights, enhancing the learning curve for all the students.

The audience comprised an eclectic mix of MBA students across various fields viz., IT, Manufacturing, Banking, Marketing, Engineering, Aviation & Shipping, Oil & Gas, faculty members, staff, alums, and guests

Ayush Kumar, Ex-PGDM 2021, XLRI- Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur welcomed Dr. Subramanian. The session commenced by introducing the GDP formula and then breaking down factors affecting the GDP and explaining the percentage increase in government spending to offset a slight reduction in consumption and investment.  It was an enriching and enlightening experience to hear it straight from the horse's mouth about the three underlying skeletons of the economic reforms, including the combination of focus on economic growth in macroeconomic level and efficient welfare at the microeconomic level, enabling privatization and considering creation as a boon and focus on the virtuous cycle.

Dr. Subramanian said that the second wave continues to decline, and the pace of decline is as fast as the pace of growth, with high-frequency indicators continuing their recovery. He added that there should be a faster recovery, and the government has set a target of one crore vaccines per day by September.

During the question and answers session moderated by Sarveshvar T.S, XLRI Ex-PGDM 2022, he said that the Indian economy is making a V shape recovery, and this decade will be the decade of India. The government is ready to provide help to every section with the assistance of digital technology. The Chief Economic Advisor told the students about other decisions and strategies of the government. He also made the students aware of many economics concepts and gave many suggestions for a better future.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the Question-and-Answer session. Apoorva Mehta, Ex-PGDM 2022, later concluded the session by giving the vote of thanks. The session was organized by the guest speaker team of XLRI Executive PGDM, including Ayush, Apoorva, Shwetabh, Jagan, Amol, Priyanka Paul, and Sarveshvar. The session was attended by esteemed professors like Vishwa Ballabh, A. Kanagaraj, Placement Head Gurumurthy N, current students and XLRI alumni.

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