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Rushad Rana: Wish OTTs are a little more open towards TV actors

Rushad Rana is all set to reprise his character in the second season of the popular web series Punch Beat. He sounds super excited about pla...

Rushad Rana is all set to reprise his character in the second season of the popular web series Punch Beat. He sounds super excited about playing the role of the boxing coach whose presence adds required value, spark and interest to the plot.  

“I’m playing the same old boxing coach Rana. Since I have never played a coach before, this character with all its leadership qualities is quite an experience for me. I had to take some boxing training, witnessed the training procedure to understand my role. In season one, I had to be a referee in most of the student matches so I had to my homework properly. Besides that it’s been a good experience being in Punch Beat as well given that this time, one gets to see different sides of Rana,” he says.

Happy with the digital boom, the actor feels there are more opportunities for everyone. “Given the production and consumption of digital content, actors, technicians, directors, writers, cinematographers… everyone has a lot more opportunities. I just wish OTT platforms to be a little more open towards actors from television, saying this from my personal experience. I am a known face on TV, so a lot of times I don’t selected for Amazon and Netflix shows because they feel I am already over exposed. Also, these people want to work those who are already there and have created a name for themselves. Many shows have similar cast,” he adds.

Having worked in TV, films, web or stage, Rushad enjoyed every medium. While he loves “the rush and the strict daily deadline” the TV industry works upon, he finds “the relaxed attitude” and the time an actor gets to prepare for film charming as well. The actor, therefore, is ready to work in every medium. What matters to him is “the story, team and how substantial” the character is. The screen time here is of least significance.

“I totally feel a small role can make a huge difference in the story. But all depends on how it has been written and how well it is performed. Let’s take Anupamaa for example. I play a small role in the show but it has created a good impact. Similarly, in Nail Polish too my role was short but impactful,” he says.

He continues, “I’ve been recognised for even the small roles that I’ve done in films before. In Hollywood, we have seen how big shot actors don’t shy away from doing small roles in big films, web series and even TV shows. After all, your performance in a cameo can strike the right chords, even more than the lead cast sometimes. So, I don’t regret doing such roles, rather I enjoy them a lot. And, getting noticed for some of these roles is like icing on the cake.”


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