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Rajan Shahi's hit shows actors do their bit to save the environment

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year to create awareness about a clean and green environment. A few DKP (Directors Kut   P...

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year to create awareness about a clean and green environment. A few DKP (Directors Kut  Productions's) actors spoke about the small things they do on an individual level for a better tomorrow:

Sudhanshu Pandey (Vanraj in Anupamaa): We need to start disciplining ourselves as society. My family and I practice certain things in our daily life, like starting to segregate dry and wet garbage. Also, I have taught my kids to not waste water at all. Be it brushing, or taking a shower, anywhere we are using water we try to use it only when it's required and not waste it or keep the taps open. We also try to avoid using plastic as much as we can, because I don't want us to be guilty of adding the curse of plastic to the environment. These are the three things that we practice on a regular basis, and though they are very small they can make a very big change. And if we can do it as a society then we can surely reverse the situation of our planet.

Parvati Sehgal (Komal in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2): Let us be the change we wish to see in the world. I for one use no plastic bags. I put my drinking water in stainless steel and copper bottles. Segregation of domestic waste is a normal in our household. We are now growing tomatoes, cucumber, etc in our balcony as an initial green measure.

Alpana Buch (Baa in Anupamaa): I would like to use Mahatma Gandhi's quote "Earth provides enough to fulfill every human's need but not every human's greed." It's high time we humans realise that environment is no one's property to destroy, but it's our responsibility to protect. I am proud of myself and everyone who even in a congested city like Mumbai tries to grow small house plants at least as their small contribution towards our environment. I have stopped using plastic and other toxic materials as far as possible. A small environmental friendly gesture from every individual will surely give a better environment for our future generations. Let's start doing everything possible from our side to protect our environment and let's pledge together that we will not let our mother nature become a 'Once upon a Time'.

Asmita Sharma (Amma Ji in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2): I agree that if you don't go back to nature, you won't be able to lead a healthy life. All those things that we used to do earlier, like during our grandparents' time, if we start following them now, then we will surely be able to make a change in our lifestyle and thus change the environment. There are small things like avoiding using plastic and aluminum and changing to steel and iron utensils that can make a big difference. Saving water is another thing that I do. These are some of the few things that we can do on an individual level and they can make a bigger difference than one can imagine.

Bhumika Gurung (Meera in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2): I wouldn’t say that I've done it all but yes I contribute less to harm the environment in my own way, starting off with basic things like saving water, saving electricity, using less plastic and recycling food waste as a replacement for plants as soil. These are the things everyone could do and make a bigger change.


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