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Father’s Day 2021: Celebs on their dads, their tower of strength!

For every child, their father is the epitome of all things love and power. Many of us have memories of our dear dads telling us stories, mot...

For every child, their father is the epitome of all things love and power. Many of us have memories of our dear dads telling us stories, motivating us to try something new and daring and holding helping us rise after every fall. Father’s Day is dedicated to all the fathers and father figures whose contribution in our lives is unmatchable. Celebrities talk about their daddy dearest, share the advice that they have got from them which in a way helped them to wade through trying times and mention the qualities they have imbibed from their fathers.

Rajit Dev

My dad CT Easwaradas has always been my strongest support. He encouraged all my dreams and pushed me to give my best in everything that I do. Since I live alone in Mumbai, he is always in touch, checking my health, work and finances. There were times when I used to lose out on a lot of projects, some got cancelled and these turns of events would upset me. But he kept on telling me to not stress and look forward to the next. He totally believes in my talent and hard work. He’s pretty confident in everything I do and always keeps my morale high and positive. I’ve never seen him get angry. He is a very polite man. I have tried imbibing a lot of his qualities.

Nivedita Basu

My father Lt Col.Prateek Basu (Retd) retired army officer has been instrumental in making me what I am today. I remember I was all set to pursue engineering and even after paying my first semester fee, my father informed me about this advertising course and asked if I would like to pursue it. After I finished college, he wanted me to go to Pune and pursue mass communication. My father actually molded my career. Till he was around, I got all my financial advice from him. My father and I were best of friends, we would talk about everything under the sun. For him, his life was about us, sisters and our mother. Coming from an army background, he taught us discipline, time management and money management. I have tried learning as much as I could from him.

Vijayendra Kumeria

My father Pramod Kumeria has given me one very good advice which I have been following till date. He had said that you should do what you feel is right for you and not do things to prove a point to someone. He also advised me to take responsibility of all my decisions in life, be it right or wrong. My father has been supportive about everything I did when it comes to deciding my higher education and career. Even today, I live by his principles. I don't work to impress anyone. I have inherited the no-nonsense approach for anything wrong and the value of kindness from my father.

Delnaaz Irani

I always feel that the song 'kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisar kisi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar' perfectly describes my father late Mehelli irani. All these small qualities like allowing courier boy to enter the house and offer him a glass of juice to helping the needy with money, my father has always been there to help everyone. He was kind and loving to another level. His was a beautiful and pure soul and his words and actions have only made me look at life in a different way.

Nikkiey Chawla

I miss my father B. R. Chawla a lot. He left us two years back. The strength and courage he gave me to face all my problems are something that I will cherish forever. He was the one who encouraged my passion for acting and also helped me in getting my first photoshoot done. My father always used to tell me ‘when you will become a big star, I will be your manager’. I started my career as a model and I remember I took my father with me to my first show. Even at the age of 60 he enjoyed his work and being independent. I have many beautiful memories with my father. He taught me to be honest and truthful. He was a man of words and I am like him.

Gaurav Mukesh

My father Mukesh Jain has always been my inspiration. In this pandemic being with my family was like a boon, we made many good memories together. At a very early age I left home to come to Mumbai and realised that living alone is very tough. My parents have always taught me to stay on the right path so that no one is able to point fingers at me. My father would tell me that life is uncertain so we should not spoil our present thinking what might happen tomorrow. Dedication and determination are the two qualities my parents have taught me. They have made me believe that bad times always come to an end.

Hasan Zaidi

My baba late Humayun Zafar Zaidi was everything to me. He left us few years ago… Baba was a brilliant man, way ahead of his time. He was a prolific Urdu poet and English professor. The biggest of names used to come to him for his advice. He always encouraged me and all of us to pursue our dreams. He would never get angry and was always ready to explain everything. The only advice he gave me was that ‘if you promise a girl you will marry her, than marry her’ as that what a man does. He was a brilliant cook. He used to be so excited when I started acting, before that he never watched television. He never missed a single episode of my shows. My biggest regret is that he passed away before my daughter was born. All the lives that have touched me, I have tried making an impact on their lives like Baba did. The second thing would be about feeding the hungry. Both my father and I are crazy about cooking.

Shobhit Johri

My father Umesh Johri is a self-made man. He has worked hard all his life and gave us the best of education. His advice that I always follow is that ‘Life is a struggle and you have to fight all along. But yes, amid all this turmoil, don't forget to live’. He tells me live life to the fullest and following your heart is something I have inherited from him. He actually never advises much but always supports my decisions.

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