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Tauktae and Yaas: Celebs on how they deal with nature’s fury

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Cyclone Tauktae raged havoc in states like Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Mumbai and Cyclone Yaas in West B...

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Cyclone Tauktae raged havoc in states like Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Mumbai and Cyclone Yaas in West Bengal and Odisha. This isn’t the first time that the cyclone fury has hit us hard. We can’t forget the devastating effects of Nisarga and Amphan last year. Natural calamities are beyond human control. The news and social media that keep us constantly updated makes us realise how difficult things are getting every day. One does feel helpless at times. Echoing a similar emotion, celebs talk about how this affects them and ways they adapt to combat the situation:

Vijayendra Kumeria

Every time something like this happens we are reminded of how we are nothing in front of Nature. It’s time we learn a lesson. We already have Corona killing us, and now such natural calamities are only adding to our woes. We are partly responsible for many things. We need to plant more trees, curb pollution and not exploit natural resources. If we don’t love and nurture nature, we can’t expect the same thing back. My heart goes out to those who have suffered. In such times we should just keep our essentials ready but stack something extra too so that we can help those in need. We all need to be by each other’s side.

Jasmin Bhasin

This seems like a never-ending nightmare. As if Corona is not enough, there is one devastating natural calamity after the other affecting our lives. Last year it were Amphan and Nisarga, this time it’s Tauktae and Yaas. If we do not realise how our over-exploitation of Nature is coming back to us then nothing can help us. Let’s please take the pledge to nurture nature, plant more trees, avoid adding to the pollution, save water, love every living being and be there for each other in difficult times. Prepare yourself mentally and physically, also store essentials for your family and a little more for neighbours and those in need too.

Mohit Daga

I don’t know about how many people are planting trees but if Nature will also destroy the trees which are already planted, given that so many trees have been uprooted, I don’t know how we are going to maintain a healthy balance on our planet. I feel we need to be more considerate towards nature and our fellow living beings along with humans. We need to nurture nature, plant more trees and try to curb pollution. We also need to be mentally ready for this and have the right infrastructure.

Nikkiey Chawla

Last year too, during the pandemic came Nisarga and Amphan with devastating effects. This year Tauktae and Yaas too have been no different. So many trees get uprooted, houses destroyed and so many people got affected. I was not in Mumbai when it happened, but was getting all the news online. It isn’t easy to prepare yourself for such things, but I tried to keep myself ready by stacking food, water, and charging my phone, because if I have enough I could help others too. We should not go out during this time.

Rahul Bhatia

Whenever any natural calamity happens, the first thing we should do is keep ourselves and other family members safe. We should also keep food and water supplies ready so that till things get better we can survive. We also must help each other during such times. I would urge everyone to plant trees, not exploit nature by polluting it or encroaching upon natural resources for our own benefit.

 Nivedita Basu

This year and last year have been all about disasters, be it a cyclone or Covid-19. A cyclone is a natural disaster and one can’t really do much about it. Over the years people like Bill Gates have been saying to take care of Earth and the environment or else there will be after effects. We also need to teach our kids to treat Nature rightfully or else be ready to face such ripple effects. Today India is only 2 percent vaccinated, while the USA is more than 50 percent vaccinated because of the population in India, we need to control that. If you don’t control pollution and keep cutting down trees, I think we will continue facing many such adverse effects.

Arun Mandola

Last week a cyclone hit Mumbai, Goa and other south India states and we humans were totally helpless. We cannot fight with Nature and that’s the ultimate truth. We can only nurture and love Nature and in return reap all the benefits along with protection from such calamities. We need to grow more trees and curb pollution. I was happy to see rain and strong wind but on the other side I was feeling sad for those people who sleep on footpaths or live in shanties. In times like this, we need to be by each other's side.

Saahil Uppal

Seeing all the social media and news updates about the cyclone, my heart sank looking at the scale of destruction that has happened in the wake of the storm. My heart goes out to the victims, the enormous destruction of trees, infrastructure and material belongings. Natural calamities can’t be prevented but we humans are partly responsible for such disasters. We have to change what we are doing wrong. We surely can take measures in order to lessen the impact. If trees have been uprooted, let’s pledge to plant more trees. Let’s take better care of our Mother Nature, because it’s high time or else very soon it will get all the more difficult to cope with any more natural disaster.

Sneh Binny

Well! I feel sad looking at all the uprooted trees all around the city, and the damage it caused, but we cannot do anything against natural calamities, we are helpless. However, we as humans have a skill of rebuilding things. We have to rebuild what has been damaged and plant more trees. This way we do our best to give it back to Nature.

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