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‘Khan Sir’ sets the record straight

‘Khan Sir', a teacher from Patna, Bihar is trending on social media for the past few days. Some say he is a right-wing RSS worker and hi...

‘Khan Sir', a teacher from Patna, Bihar is trending on social media for the past few days. Some say he is a right-wing RSS worker and his real name is Amit Singh, while others believe it is the propaganda of some haters of Khan Sir to defame him.

Who is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir is a renowned teacher from Patna who is known for his flawless methods of teaching. He explains various topics through life examples and some unique punch-lines which has created a special image of his, among the students. The YouTube Channel of Khan Sir, titled 'Khan GS Research Centre' has over 9.5 million followers. 

The Controversy 

Recently, a video of Khan Sir from April 2021 went viral on social media, where he was found to mock a child from Pakistan who was protesting, along with the leaders of Tehreek-e-Labbaik, to send back the Ambassador of France in Pakistan, after the conflict last year when a French teacher depicted a caricature of Prophet Muhammad, who was later killed by an 18-year-old. Khan Sir is found saying "Go back and study child. Protesting will not help much. First understand what Ambassador is, otherwise you will also have to repair punctures like your father." " These people produced 18-19 kids and then don't take care of them. That is the reason some of their kids repair punctures while others slaughter meat."

However, some users trimmed the video and shared it in such a way that it looked as if Khan Sir was criticizing the Muslim community. This led to rage in the community and people started criticizing Khan Sir. Another video of Khan Sir went viral where he was found saying that his name is not Khan Sir and that people call him Amit Singh. This resulted in increased anger among the people who said that he is a right-wing RSS worker who is disguised as Khan Sir to defame the Muslims.

What Khan Sir Said?

Khan Sir, after several days of criticism, came on his YouTube Channel and gave befitting replies to his critics. He said "I don't understand why people are criticizing me for something which I said to a protestor from Tehreek-e-Labbaik, a party which is banned in Pakistan as well. I have said nothing about the Muslims. I have only criticised some hate mongers. I think this is just because I neither support Palestine nor Israel in the recent conflict. I only spoke about the history of their conflict and the stance of the Indian Government. Some people wanted me to stand with Palestine while others wanted me to support Israel. But I supported none."

To the second viral video which claimed his name is Amit Singh, he replied "My name is not Amit Singh. Sometimes I say to my students my name is Zalim Khan, sometimes I say my name is Zahiruddin. But that is not true. I say it for humour and my students know that well. On the same note, I said that some people call me Amit Singh. I still assert that my name is not Khan. It is my surname. I will make my name public when I will think it necessary. There are many soldiers who have died for our country and people don’t know their name. I request them to first know about them, rather than trying to know mine. And to those who think I am lying, please understand that I publish several books and for that my several IDs are used. If my name would have been something else, it would not have been published on my books", the translation of his video read. Khan Sir also requested people to not spread lies because it creates panic in his family and his students, especially those whom he teaches at no cost. "I received calls from some of my students requesting me not to expel them from my class. I request people not to spread such rumours."

-       Rupam Shukla, Student Correspondent, Kolkata


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