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Hosting IPL, is it a wise move for India this year?

  Kolkata: With the 14 th edition of IPL season just about to kickstart in two day’s time, the question is that is it the right time for th...


Kolkata: With the 14th edition of IPL season just about to kickstart in two day’s time, the question is that is it the right time for the cash rich IPL 2021 to start?

 Now that the country is reeling under a second even more deadly Covid wave with deaths mounting at a rapid pace, all eyes are fixed on the hosting centres where the number of Corona cases are rapidly spiralling out of control. So what if the BCCI is deciding on a closed-door event… the players will be out in the open despite being in the bio-bubble. Not only just the players but the support staff, the groundsmen, the franchise officials and consultants all are adding to the Corona tally across venues.

 The Mumbai Indians who are the defending champions face Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chennai on April 9 and it’s quite obvious that the stakes are high. But the question still remains - will the match actually happen as active cases are nearly touching 25,000 in Chennai or will the government stop the IPL this season. Last year the IPL happened in the UAE but this year as Covid cases were dipping initially the BCCI happily announced that the 14th edition will happen in India. The Chepauk is already hosting four teams in the first leg- KKR, RCB, MI and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Other venues like Delhi have already started taking precautions but the epicenter of Covid-19 fury is Mumbai.

 We can just hope and pray that the IPL goes on smoothly without any calamities as the hotel in Mumbai where the players of one of the franchises are is in a commercial complex just 10 kms from the stadium. Not only that Kiran More, the former Indian wicket-keeper and a scout for Mumbai Indians, has already tested positive.

 The IPL is happening as the rich will incur heavy loss but then all institutions should remain open too as the middle class people will suffer endlessly.

 However as a cricket lover and enthusiast one wishes that the IPL 2021 will give everyone a lot of pleasure despite the tension and pain surrounding us.

 Cheers to IPL 2021!!

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