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Republic Day: Here’s what makes these celebrities proud of India

Yashashri Masurkar The history and culture make me a proud Indian. I love how diverse and yet hospitable our people are. There's only ...

Yashashri Masurkar

The history and culture make me a proud Indian. I love how diverse and yet hospitable our people are. There's only one thing I want to correct, and that's discipline. We lack it. I acknowledge that we have fewer resources and the worst system in place, but I believe discipline will improve our lives.

Sara Khan

I take immense pride in being Indian and consider myself fortunate to hail from a nation that unites diverse religions, cultures, and traditions. With the current advancements under the government, I feel a reinforced sense of safety and security. Corrections are an ongoing process, as they evolve with time. I strongly believe that altering each individual's mindset can further propel our nation towards progress, promoting equality and fostering respect for all.

Hitesh Bhardwaj

I am very proud of being Indian as I realise that this sense of pride is not only about having a cultural identity, celebrating our heritage, or simply because there is a need to feel as if one is part of something bigger than oneself. This pride stems from seeing our nation fight challenges, to see us being resilient. Having said that, I am very aware of the challenges that we face today as a country. None of our pride should ever come warranted. We must question it, work towards our potential, and preserve our identity as Indians.

Anupama Solanki

Patriotism runs in my blood, just like in other Indians. It is special to me because my father serves in the army. The most remarkable aspect of my country is its spirituality, which has seen a boost after the inauguration of Bhagwan Ram Pran Pratishtha. I aspire to correct the education system in India, and given the opportunity, I would advocate for the Gurukul system. This way, we can witness a revival of the Bharat from a thousand years ago.

Nikhil Nanda

We are living in an age when India is touching its glorious past and building an important even more glorious future with the able leadership of our prime minister, Narendra Modiji. This is the start of the Amrit Kal, from the 75th year to the hundredth year, where we are going to be amongst the top economies of the world, amongst the top startup destinations of the world, and amongst the top wealth creators of the world. So it's an amazingly proud moment for all of us. What I love about the country is that everybody is doing so well in their lives yet they tend to remain humble. The culture and the heritage we inherit from our ancestors are priceless, like a unique family tradition that is perhaps unmatched in any other country. It is Important to change the trend of blindly adopting Western culture. Instead, we should draw inspiration from our own heritage, values, and people, rather than imitating foreign cultures.

Shivangi Verma

I feel proud to be an Indian because of our rich culture, diverse traditions, and the spirit of unity in our country. I am extremely proud of our achievements in various fields, from technology to the arts. I believe we should work toward challenges like improving education accessibility and embracing progressive changes that will make our country an even better place for future generations.

Ranaksh Rana

Proud Indian feeling comes from the diverse stories that exist in India and how unique our culture is. I love the values of the country on which we are built. For me, unity in diversity and, varied perspectives coming together and creating history stands out. Look at the progress made by Indians in different aspects! Sports, science, cinema, technology, art - you name the field and we have made unprecedented progress. What can be better? People realize their potential and build on their strengths to create a brighter future for the country.

 Arun Mandola

I am excited as I feel a profound connection to the real Bharat. A few years ago, many Indians left the country in pursuit of higher society, but now there is a notable trend of people wanting to return, realizing that the new Bharat has surpassed their expectations in terms of classiness. Since the Praan Pratishth of Shri Bhagwan Ram Chandra in Ayodhya, the energy levels have soared, and I am left speechless witnessing the rapid rise of Bharat. During our school days, our teachers used to tell us "Bharat kabhi Sone ki chidiya tha", and at that time, it was disheartening to think about how the Mughals and Britishers had impacted our nation. However, today, I proudly declare that our future Bharat will indeed be the "Sone ki Chidiya" that our ancestors dreamed of. The new generation will witness our collective efforts in building a new Bharat. Mahatma Gandhi envisioned 75 years ago that one day we would use 'Made in India' products. Let us not forget the sacrifices and Balidan (martyrdom) we have witnessed, with heroes like Shahid Bhagat Singh giving their lives for the cause of a new Bharat. Now, it is our time to contribute to the vision of 'Make in India' and proudly embrace 'Made in India.' Jai Bharat!

Mrunal Jain

I feel an immense sense of pride as an Indian because of our rich cultural heritage, diverse traditions, and the unity in diversity that defines our nation. India's history, with its struggle for independence and commitment to democracy, is a source of inspiration. What I love about my country is its cultural tapestry, which encompasses a multitude of languages, religions, and customs. The warmth of Indian hospitality, the vibrancy of festivals, and the delicious variety of cuisines are all aspects that make me proud to call India my home. However, there are challenges that need attention. Ensuring inclusive development, addressing socio-economic disparities, improving healthcare and education systems, and promoting environmental sustainability are areas that require concerted efforts. As we celebrate our 75th Republic Day, let's reflect on our achievements and work together to build a stronger, more equitable India for future generations.

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