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Actress Charrul Malik shares her Limca Book Of World Record experience

Actress Charrul Malik had a fulfilling career in media before she turned to acting. During her long innings in the media, she has done some ...

Actress Charrul Malik had a fulfilling career in media before she turned to acting. During her long innings in the media, she has done some incredible, memorable work which she is pleased and proud of. One of these is earning a name in the Limca Book Of World Records. Sharing the experience with us she says, "I was working as a mainstream news anchor in a news channel when I was awarded the certificate by Limca Book Of Records. This was during the promotional activities of Pradeep Sarkar’s Lafangey Parindey which starred Deepika Padukone, and Neil Nitin Mukesh. In the film, Deepika played the role of a skating instructor, for which she had to undergo rigorous skating training. So I was asked if I could skate with her for some time and rest. She can continue to do it if she wishes. I grabbed the opportunity.”

Charrul had a tough time that day as she had a  normal news reading at 6 in the morning and they reached the place around noon. The interview was supposed to go on-air at 12:30 pm, that too live. Charrul’s HR Head brought his son's skates for her.

She adds, "I wore it and started walking, trying to do some warm-up. Deepika was uncomfortable and didn't commit to skating during the live interview.  We were running the teaser of the upcoming interview from the morning, considering it crucial as it was happening for the first time in history. It was more like a historic interview, happening for the very first time, that would involve skating on the set too. Interestingly, I never learned skating on a professional level, I just did it in my childhood days. It is said that whatever you learn in childhood, stays with you. My sister and I used to skate in the backyard of our home, and I am glad that it helped us somewhere. The live interview was a five-camera show, and I was supposed to handle everything. Five-camera during live means all the commands will be given to you and you are supposed to take action. I was actually on wheels and was managing things. The interview went quite smoothly, which made us stretch it for one hour including breaks instead of ending it in half an hour.”

Recently, I met Neil, in an award show and I told him about this record. He was overwhelmed and happy. He said, "What a proud moment Charrul, very proud of you." Trust me, all this made me so happy. Today, Neil even shared my Instagram post about the achievement of the award in his story. I have also met Deepika a lot of times for other interviews after that live interview we had. Surprisingly, she always recognised me as the crazy journalist who skated on a live interview. I am so happy to say that the interview went great. And the best part about it was, I was able to engage myself in all the conversations we had, that too while skating. It was very challenging for me, and I accepted that which led me to make this record. The very next day, Limca's team visited our set as they got to know that we had done something extraordinary. I think nobody has tried to do this so far. I am the only anchor in the world who has done such an interview on skates. All these things have to be done carefully, as anything unexpected can happen since. By the grace of God, I managed to do it without any mistakes and saved myself from all the uncertainties.”

Charrul also feels that stuff that we learn in our childhood we don’t forget. She says, "The bottom line is if you have ever done anything in your childhood days, it is going to help you somewhere. I believe whatever I have learned to date, has never gone wasted. When I did this interview, I had no idea that I would make a record and would hold a place in the Book of World Records. The purpose of the interview was not to make a world record but to protect the image or respect of the channel. Earlier it was decided that Deepika and I would skate, but as I mentioned she was not comfortable, so it was me who had to fulfill my commitment. So, it was never planned, I never gave a second thought to doing anything for the sake of making any world record. Unfortunately, I don't have any video or photo of that interview, I am unable to find it. As the interview was live it went directly to the server, and then was moved to a chip or card and went to the archive department. The Limca team arrived when the chip went to the archives. So they took all the proof with them, due to which it was never uploaded on YouTube. I only have the certificate given by Limca. So, now you know that I have made a world record, if anyone wants to break it then, they have to skate live for one hour and one second while doing an interview.”

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