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Actress, anchor & pageant mentor Supreet Bedi opens up about penning her first book 'Be Ready For The World'

Actress, anchor and pageant mentor Supreet Bedi says that her journey till here has been one eventful one. She adds that her first book on c...

Actress, anchor and pageant mentor Supreet Bedi says that her journey till here has been one eventful one. She adds that her first book on communication strategies, titled “Be Ready For The World” which will help her reach a wider audience is now available on Amazon and promises to enhance one’s communication skills — be it an interview, a corporate presentation, a social conversation or even a pageant! 

“I started as a ZoomTV presenter in 2006. From Shahrukh Khan to Tom Cruise, I interviewed many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and was admired for my unique and confident style of talking. This led me to become a communication skills coach and pageant mentor. I have now been in the business of personality enhancement for over 15 years and trained many candidates to polish their conversations, interview style, and overall delivery for various social and business requirements, as well as international representation such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Mr. World, etc. Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, who got India the Miss Universe crown after 21 long years, was also my trainee. I've also been an actor alongside and was recently seen in the film "Neeyat" with Vidya Balan. Now, through my book on communication strategies, I aim to reach a wider audience and share a detailed plan for confident representation,” she says.

Ask her what has been the milestones in her career, and she says, “In terms of training accolades, both my mentees have made me really proud — Rohit Khandelwal, who got India the first-ever Mr. World title in 2016, and Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, who got India the Miss Universe Crown after 21 years in 2021. It takes a lot of effort to reach there, and I'm glad my communication skills training helped them to be a more confident version of themselves on the international stage.”

Talking about the thought process behind penning her knowledge in a book, she says, “I've always been doing one-to-one personal training with candidates to ensure individual attention, which helps achieve maximum results. However, practically, I can't cover as many students and bring transformation in their lives. Therefore, I've squeezed all my wisdom and produced this gem of a book called 'Be Ready for the World,' which has all the tips and tricks to be an impressive, confident conversationalist. I wished to reach a wider audience and help people get over hesitation and fear of speaking. Let's just say this is my way of giving back to society.”

She adds, “This book aims to bring about a much-needed change in our look, outlook and speech. There is a huge difference between just saying the words and delivering them powerfully. 'Be Ready for the World' is a detailed guide to communication skills covering all important aspects — visual, verbal, and vocal, to ensure that you make a lasting impression. It's also filled with activities to help discover your strengths and weaknesses, combat hesitation, and be a better conversationalist. Plus, it's coloured and has pictures for those who find reading hectic! There is something there for everyone to reflect upon and transform. This is one powerful read that is sure to make you a better version of yourselves!”

An actor, anchor, pageant mentor, and now an author, Supreet says that everything fell into place on its own. “I'd like to believe that I'm a Jill of all trades and a master of some.  Speaking and writing have always been my strengths, and I've tried to weave a career around these skills. I truly believe that it's important to be relevant in these times and reinvent yourself constantly. From a presenter to an actor to a communication expert to a pageant mentor and now an author — it's these very feathers in my cap that make me complete today. One has to have solid determination and fiery passion to challenge one's own existence and make it a better version each day. I enjoy doing that and steer away from giving in to excuses that dampen one's growth. With a little vision and time management, a lot can be achieved!”

Talking about her acting projects, she says, “I've been a part of various projects, including "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara," "Rock On," and received a Best Debut nomination for the Punjabi film "Fateh." I've also worked on "24," "London Files," and "Neeyat" with Vidya Balan. Upcoming projects include "Nikita: The Book of Darkness" with Sonakshi Sinha, Mudassar Aziz’s "Mere Husband Ki Biwi," and the web series "Kanneda" with Ranvir Shorey. I view acting as an extension of my communication craft, so I look forward to characters with depth that can serve as tangible examples of my teaching style, including delivery, voice modulation, and vocal play, among other aspects.”

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