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We tell stories at the console, says DJ Mansurr

DJ Mansurr is a name to reckon with in the field of DJing. He has carved a niche for himself both in India and at the international level pl...

DJ Mansurr is a name to reckon with in the field of DJing. He has carved a niche for himself both in India and at the international level playing for the last 22 years. A regular at clubs like OBD, Pub 13, Barrocks, and Orizonette, the dashing DJ has become a real craze with the young crowd.

In a free-wheeling interview, the celebrity DJ spoke about his inspirations and how DJing has become an integral part of his life to reach out to his innumerable fans and listeners.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

I was inspired to become a DJ by Akbar, Aqeel, and Akhtar, who were renowned DJs during my college days. Music was always there in my life as my aunt Saroj Khan, was an actress and my mother was a Sufi singer.

What according to you does a DJ do?

Unlike what most people think a DJ is not just playing music for people to listen to or dance. He is telling a story. Along with the story, there should be a theme.

What are the prerequisites of being a good DJ?

To be a good DJ one needs to have a real passion for music along with an indepth knowledge of music. He has to be sober, dedicated, and disciplined. During our time DJing didn’t have all these technical innovations. Now it became so easy as such hi-tech state-of-the-art consoles are there.

What do your listeners expect from you?

People want something new that they haven’t listened to before. A DJ should read the listeners’ minds and moods and select what to play so that the crowd loves what he is offering. One should see what age group the crowd belongs to choose the tracks accordingly.

What kind of music do you play?

I generally play retro music and Bollywood songs. I have played at film festivals, weddings, corporate events, and even overseas like Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Maldives, and Thailand.

How long have you played at one go?

I have played for 6 hours at a stretch.

Is DJing a good career option?

Not just a career option, DJing has become an industry. He is the person who creates the revenue for a club or pub because people come there to listen and enjoy. If it was just music alone people can listen on various platforms, then why do they come to the clubs and pubs paying good money. It’s because DJs make it worth their while.

What is currently trending in music?

Retro music, both Bollywood and English, is back in a big way. My listeners keep asking for retro music and I give them what they want. See, you need to gauge the mood and pulse of the crowd and play the music accordingly. If you see what you are playing is not being liked by the crowd change tracks at once. You have to listen to the crowd and be in tune with their demands.

What’s your reward of being a DJ?

Money, fame, and respect are my rewards. DJs nowadays too are celebrities because people recognize them in public. I feel really blessed as a DJ when people give me so much recognition both here and abroad. I feel really proud to be an Indian.

What’s your advice for wannabe DJs?

You can’t suddenly become a good DJ overnight unless you have learned the art of playing good music. You can’t copy others and become a DJ. You must think at least three songs in advance before DJing at any event. You need to look good, dress well and be well-behaved.

Some last words?

I admit it’s a tough job, but we are paid well and appreciated for all our hard work. So, learn your art well before joining this profession. If you get the pulse of the crowd, then there’s no stopping you.


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