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CINI launches 'Freedom from Drowning' campaign

National  level NGO Child In Need Institute (CINI) launched a Drowning Prevention Campaign “Freedom from Drowning”, an initiative for the ch...

National level NGO Child In Need Institute (CINI) launched a Drowning Prevention Campaign “Freedom from Drowning”, an initiative for the children of Sundarbans to save them from drowning. CINI also organized an interactive session with the children from Sundarbans at the Kolkata Press Club and highlighted the risk factors and need for more accurate and effective data collection on drowning deaths.

Child Speakers from different Child Parliaments of Sundarbans were present to share their own perspective regarding pain of child death, their sufferings and emotions and called on the Administration to create a child-friendly community to save them from Drowning and make a national drowning prevention plan to prevent unnecessary and avoidable deaths at the event. The children also took out a Candle March in memory of those who died due to drowning in the region.

Every story consists of a background even before it starts getting scripted. This initiative too has a background to itself which started around two years back. The river-bank areas of the Sundarbans and the assorting settlements and villages lying across the areas had been experiencing child drowning casualties since quite some time which had been disrupting the environmental balance of the villages from the socio-economic and psychological perspective as well. CINI had recently organized a ‘Child Parliament’ initiative in Sundarbans with a Children’s Rights based approach to promote decision-making processes that are more collaborative and inclusive for children. It created an enabling environment for these children to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings through the ‘Child Parliament’. More than 12 Child Parliaments were organized in different parts of Sundarbans Region and around 800 children participated and shared their views like teaching swimming and rescue techniques to prevent child drowning.

Dr. Samir Chaudhuri, Founder Secretary, Child in Need Institute, said, “Our mission is to ensure that children and adolescents achieve their rights to health, nutrition, education, protection and participation by making duty bearers and communities responsive to their well-being. This Campaign is based in one of our strong preventive approach to ensure child participation.” CINI’s Preventative Approach towards Child Protection in India or preventing harm by intervening before it occurs.

Sujoy Roy, Sr. Advocacy Manager, CINI said, the most recent data reveals that West Bengal is among the top five performing states in the country and better performance across all indicators as compared to all India average. New Natal Mortality rate (15.5 SDG Target 12) Infant Mortality Rate (22) and under -5 mortality rate (Currant 25.4 SDG Target 25) has also lowered in recent past. Successful implementation of few government schemes like JSKK, Sishu Sathi played crucial role to avoid such unnecessary deaths. If we can arrest these avoidable tragic drowning deaths then it may give a boost to this momentum. We believe, it will show a new, more effective, ethical and cost-effective way to solving problems of children in Sundarbans and contribute to achieve SDG3.2.

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