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To all the fathers, with love!

For every child their father is the epitome of all things love and powerful. Many of us have memories of our dear dads telling us stories, m...

For every child their father is the epitome of all things love and powerful. Many of us have memories of our dear dads telling us stories, motivating us to try something new and daring and holding helping us rise after every fall. Father’s Day, June 20, is dedicated to all the fathers and father figures whose contribution in our lives is unmatchable. Celebrities talk about their daddy dearest, share the advice that they have got from them which in a way helped them to wade through trying times and mention the qualities they have imbibed from their fathers.

Rushad Rana

My father Behram Rana is the pillar of strength for me and my mom. He is a very strong guy. He has taught me a lot as to how I should lead my life. His biggest advice to me is to listen to my heart and I think that is something that I have always done. I have inherited the creative streak from my father because he is an artist, a wonderful painter who had a successful career in advertising for over 45 years. Now, for the last 15 years he has been acting and modelling. My father has always been my role model in the way he single-handedly kept us happy and safe. He was always a great help whenever I needed it be it when it came to my relationships or career.

Nikhil Malik

I lost my father late Pankaj Malik when I was in the 12th standard. Though he is not with us but I still feel his blessings. My parents never stopped me from choosing the career that I wanted to pursue. He used to tell me to ‘respect women’ and ‘whenever you get married, always keep your wife happy and fulfil all her wishes or else don’t marry. He was very a fun loving person and I think I have got that side of him.

Mrunal Jain

My father Shailesh Jain always tells me to be patient. There will be good and bad days at work but my goodwill will stay. He tells me to be optimistic always. He is my friend, philosopher and guide. He always tells me I am there so ‘kuch fikr karne ki zarrurat nahi hai’. This assurance makes me go through everything with a smile. My father supported me to take up acting as a profession. My business acumen also comes from him.  The two qualities I have inherited from him are patience and working hard to hone my skills no matter what. I can't think of my life without my father. I may be less expressive, but he knows I love him and I know he is always there for me.

Sharad Malhotra

My father Shushil Malhotra has always inspired me to give my best. He was always supportive of my career decisions. He has always taught me that hard work is the only investment that never fails. I came to Mumbai with no contacts and my father always encouraged me to never give up. He is a very positive person. I have learnt to be positive from him. I have also learnt to be a warrior from him. He always tells me it is nice to feel important, but it is more important to be nice. My father's guidance and blessings is what made me what I am today.

Sneh Binny

Well, my father Raj Binny has a tough way of giving advice, which I usually never understood as a child, but slowly I realised that most of the times he was and is right and I should always consider his advice. I thinks it’s with each and every father and son. So I have decided to take his advice for everything. He speaks from experience and knows the consequences. I have followed all the career advises that he has given, in fact I still do. I always have an opinion which I put forth and discuss the same with him. The two qualities that I have got from my father are my risk taking ability and talking skills.

Chandni Soni

I met my father Dinesh Dabra after a long time when I went to Himachal Pradesh recently My father has given me an excellent upbringing. He always encouraged me to do what my heart says.  He was excited to see me and my daughter when we gave him a surprise visit. Small small things matter he has always told us. I fully believe life is all about loving your parents. Father’s Day is an important day and a good occasion to express your love.

Amit Mishra

My father Narendra Kumar Mishra advice have always helped me to mould myself into a better human being. I remember, as a teenager I mostly did not understand a lot of things he said, but later, as I grew up I realised the life lessons I got from him. I take his advice before taking any decision. He never forced his dreams or ideas on me, rather gave me the freedom to choose the career I wanted. He has been my support system. The biggest quality I’ve inherited from my father is empathy towards every living being. The other thing would be the importance of being beside your family always.

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