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Getting a role in such a film is an accomplishment in itself: Arpit Ranka on his upcoming film 'Kannappa'

Arpit Ranka, who portrayed Duryodhana in Mahabharat and Kans in Radha Krishna, will soon be seen playing the role of the main villain, Kaalm...

Arpit Ranka, who portrayed Duryodhana in Mahabharat and Kans in Radha Krishna, will soon be seen playing the role of the main villain, Kaalmukh, in the upcoming pan-India movie Kannappa. He considers it a dream come true to be a part of such a big film.

He said, “Every actor dreams of having a good role in a film. For me, after a 3-year break, being a part of a worldwide film with a dream cast is like a dream come true. This film includes pan-India stars like Prabhas, Akshay Kumar, and Mohanlal Ji, who are superstars in every language.”

“Getting a role in such a film is an accomplishment in itself. The role I have received, as you might have seen in the teaser of Kannappa, is a very negative one. My role is Kaalmukh,” he added.

Arpit was quite overwhelmed when he began shooting for the film, so much so that he couldn't shoot on the first day of shooting. He said, “I was so happy. Sometimes people can't sleep because of happiness, and sometimes because of tension. But for the first time, I experienced that happiness can also keep you awake.”

“We had a shoot at 7 AM, and the whole night I was so excited to do a good shoot. The shoot went so well, just as it was envisioned. It was fantastic. This film features many superstars. Whether it's Prabhas, Mohanlal Ji, Akshay Kumar, or Sharad Kumar Ji, there are many prominent actors in this film. I can't share much. But this movie is such that there's not a single thing I can forget for a lifetime. Whatever my excellence is, it's at its peak,” he added.

What kind of roles are you looking for now? “As an actor, I've learned in these 20 years that no matter how much we plan, what is written in our destiny will happen. I believe in destiny in this matter. Every actor works hard; every actor wants to get a good role, but some achieve it while others do not. So, the right timing and destiny are always important. In my opinion, thinking alone doesn't make things happen; it's often a combination of divine intervention and circumstances. Sometimes, you manifest something, and it just comes to you,” he said.

“Let me tell you, about 18–20 years ago, there was a movie called Troy. It featured incredible action sequences, like running and fighting scenes. I always wanted to do such a role, and I think it's true; I manifested it, and here I got this role. In the industry, things often turn out as we envision them. It's true, and I realized this 20 years ago when I imagined and aspired to be a part of something big. In this film, Kannappa, the feel and look are similar to Hollywood films. When you see me, you'll understand. Seriously, it's a huge deal that what I once dreamed of has now come true,” he added.

Arpit says being part of such a big film and getting a role in it is a massive accomplishment for him. “It's a matter of great joy, and nothing could be bigger than this. God has given me so much, and I believe I'll continue to receive even better opportunities in the future. Every actor dreams of this, and while not everyone achieves it, I'm happy that I did. I think an actor needs to be satisfied at some point. Sure, you have to work hard in the future, but you should always be grateful and happy for what you've received,” he said.

“You need to have a hunger for work but be very happy with what you have achieved because many actors dream of this, but only a few get even a small percentage of it. We are among the lucky ones who have received so much,” he ended.

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