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Music and Yoga: Celebs tell us how they combine the two to lead a healthy life

Adaa Khan (Actress) Yoga and music are like two sides of the same coin for me. They both bring a sense of peace and joy. That is a time wh...

Adaa Khan (Actress)

Yoga and music are like two sides of the same coin for me. They both bring a sense of peace and joy. That is a time when I reconnect with my inner self. Music plays a huge role in setting the tone for my practice. I usually go for soulful instrumental tracks that help me focus and breathe deeply. I love listening to classical Indian music, especially sitar and flute compositions, during my yoga sessions. Ravi Shankar’s sitar tunes are incredibly soothing and help me maintain my balance and mindfulness throughout the practice.

Karan Gulianii (Director)

For me, the combination of yoga and music is a perfect blend of mind and body harmony. I prefer soft, acoustic songs that have a calming effect. One of my favourites is ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma. It’s calming and flows seamlessly with my asanas, making every stretch feel like a melody, and is a go-to for me. It helps me stay grounded and focused on my breathing and movements.

Shiwani Chakraborty (Actress)

Yoga is all about finding inner peace, and music enhances that experience beautifully. I love listening to nature sounds, like flowing water or bird songs, during my yoga sessions. These sounds transport me to a serene place and make my meditation deeper. It’s amazing how the right music can make every pose feel more meaningful and connected.

Aradhana Sharma (Actress)

Together is just perfect! For me, yoga is all about staying calm and centred, and music is a big part of that. I love having a chill playlist with soft, melodic tunes that help me get into the zone. Whether I’m doing a challenging asana or meditating, the right music makes the entire experience more enjoyable and refreshing. It’s amazing how a good playlist can elevate my practice and keep me focused and energized.

Gulfam Khan Hussain (Actress)

I started doing yoga only a year or so ago under Vishwas Joshi who is a Hathh Yoga practitioner. I try to do it at least 3 times a week and I prefer calm soothing music for it. The music itself is meditative for me, so in the day it's melodious songs, trance, and dance numbers at night but the morning has to start with good meditation music.

Alok Singh (Singer)

As a singer, music is an essential part of my everyday life. When melody gets involved in any activity, it transforms the entire experience. While doing yoga or working out, music plays a pivotal role. Like many, I enjoy listening to Bollywood enthusiastic and self-motivating songs during my workouts. Now that I've released my original song, it's added to my playlist. When it comes to meditation, I prefer some classical ragas that help calm my mind. Ragas can improve mental health and enhance focus. For me, rehearsing is a form of meditation that completely calms me down.

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