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From Vanraj to Bapuji: Celebrating Father's Day with 'Anupamaa' characters

The show 'Anupamaa' produced by Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi beautifully captures the essence of fatherhood through its diverse chara...

The show 'Anupamaa' produced by Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi beautifully captures the essence of fatherhood through its diverse characters. From Vanraj’s redemption arc to Bapuji's supportive presence, the series highlights that fatherhood is not just about being a provider but also about being a source of love, guidance, and strength.

This Father’s Day, let’s take a look at the characters of 'Anupamaa' and appreciate the fathers and father figures, Whether they are strict yet loving like Vanraj, supportive and understanding like Anuj, or wise and nurturing like Bapuji.

Hasmukh “Bapuji” Shah: The Wise Grandfather

Arvind Vaidya’s portrayal of Hasmukh Shah, affectionately known as Bapuji, brings wisdom and warmth to the show. As a father, and grandfather, his guidance and unconditional love are pivotal in the family’s dynamics. Bapuji’s ability to bridge generational gaps and provide sage advice underscores the invaluable role of fathers in nurturing and guiding the younger generation.

Vanraj Shah: The Complex Patriarch

Vanraj Shah, played by Sudhanshu Pandey, is a multifaceted character whose journey as a father is filled with ups and downs. Despite his flaws and tumultuous relationship with Anupamaa, his love for his children—Paritosh, Samar, and Pakhi and now his grandchildren—remains steadfast. Vanraj's evolution from a domineering father to one striving to mend his broken relationships is a testament to the complexities of fatherhood.

Anuj Kapadia: The Supportive Guide

Gaurav Khanna’s role Anuj Kapadia brings a portrayal of a father figure whose bond with Anupamaa’s children, especially Anu, is heartwarming. Anuj’s patience, understanding, and unwavering support exemplify the qualities of a modern-day father. He is not just a partner to Anupamaa but also a mentor and friend to her children, showcasing that fatherhood extends beyond biological ties.

Paritosh “Toshu” Shah: The New Age Dad

Paritosh Shah, portrayed by Gaurav Sharma, is navigating the early stages of fatherhood. Though he plays the negative, troublemaking kid in the family, his love for his daughter is undeniable. As he juggles his responsibilities and aspirations, Toshu’s journey reflects the struggles and joys of being a new parent. His efforts to balance his career and family life resonate with many young fathers today.

As we celebrate this special day, let’s also remember to express our gratitude and love to the fathers and father figures who have made a difference in our lives. Their sacrifices, love, and guidance are the pillars that support us, and they deserve all the recognition and appreciation in the world.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there! May your day be filled with love, joy, and cherished moments with your loved ones.

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