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Sonu Nigam launches India’s first state of art campus facility in sound & music

Mumbai: To produce an army of Artificial Intelligence (AI) equipped, new age and talented sound engineers and music professionals for the gl...

Mumbai: To produce an army of Artificial Intelligence (AI) equipped, new age and talented sound engineers and music professionals for the global sound and music industry, Mumbai–based Universal AI University and SoundideaZ Academy have joined hands to announce India’s first AI-embedded Degree Curriculum in Sound Engineering and Music. Under the programme, Universal AI University and SoundideaZ Academy has commenced a four–year B. Tech. in Sound Engineering and a three-year B.A. in Music and Audio Production under their School of Music, Sound and Cinematics. 

This joint initiative was launched at the hands of an ace singer and Padmashri Sonu Nigam at SoundideaZ Academy’s studio in Mumbai on Thursday. Prof. Tarundeep Singh Anand, Chancellor and Founder of Universal AI University and Dr. Pramod Chandorkar, an eminent sound engineer and founder of SoundideaZ Academy signed the pact to this effect and presented the idea behind the collaboration. 

This curriculum is expected to bring out over 300 AI-equipped sound Engineers and Music Professionals for global Sound and Music Industry in the next five years who aspire for careers globally; such as Music Producers, Recording Engineers, Sound Designers for films and Engineers for the Live Sound industry. The candidates could seek positions in world-class studios, film and media companies, digital media and advertising companies and other sectors where expert sound and music professionals are required. 

Prof Tarundeep Singh Anand, Chancellor and Founder, Universal AI University said, “This collaboration is a significant milestone in the vocational and skill-driven education landscape of India whereby the expertise of Universal AI University in AI technology with the legacy of SoundideaZ Academy in sound engineering education have created a path-breaking and future-driven curriculum in sound, music and audio technologies. It is the first-ever initiative to formalize professional academics in sound and music fields with AI embedded as a major element. It will award significant vocational opportunities to aspiring minds willing to carve out careers in this vast untapped and lucrative field of sound and music.”   

Dr Pramod Chandorkar, Founder and a renowned sound engineer of SoundideaZ Academy said, “By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Audio Engineering, we are taking a big leap in increating industry-ready professionals in various roles for the sound and music industry; globally. This will bridge the talent gap in the global and Indian sound and music industry by inducting a trained workforce to design disruptive sound and music solutions.”

Sonu Nigam welcomed the idea of having a full-fledged degree programme in sound and music and said, “While India is becoming Atmanirbhar in every industry, this joint initiative of two stalwarts in academia will make India Atmanirbhar in meeting the demand for qualified sound engineers and music professionals needed for the Indian and rest of the global sound industry and also could create sound and music - entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Today we have an incredible array of music coming from a diverse group of artists across the globe for which we will require a talented and professional music workforce, which this initiative will fulfill.” 

With SoundideaZ Academy’s seven state-of-the-art audio recording studios and live sound equipment spanned over a sprawling 20,000 sq. ft of area, comprehensive training will be offered in every aspect of sound engineering. In addition, the students will have access to a hi-tech 5000 sq ft. Audio Recording Studio complex which will be constructed along with Quantum Computing Lab facilities in the Universal Ai University's green campus in Karjat near Mumbai. The course will also involve sound and music industry professionals in curating and conducting the programmes. 

Added Prof Anand, “Earlier, the students who were willing to pursue careers in sound engineering used to go abroad for higher education. Now, with Universal Ai’s efforts supporting Atmanirbhar Bharat, India will become a Sound and Music hub of the world to impart quality education in Music at an affordable cost to bring out multi-faceted music professionals. 

The curriculum will help the aspiring students in orienting about the sound and music industry, assessing their passion for music, harnessing technical skills, seeking relevant academics and experience, and offering career and growth opportunities. The candidates would be able to explore employment opportunities as music performers, music producers, music technologists, etc. It will also support aspiring female candidates to explore career opportunities in this field where the women workforce is in deficit. 

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