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Celebrating Women’s Day is important, say celebrities

From feeling cherished to equality for women, Women’s Day is all about celebrations. Here is what these celebrities are doing this Women’s D...

From feeling cherished to equality for women, Women’s Day is all about celebrations. Here is what these celebrities are doing this Women’s Day.

Hemani Chawla

Well, I genuinely feel every day is Women’s Day. I don’t understand the concept of celebrating women for only one day. I feel the concept of women's empowerment has been talked about a lot more than it has been implemented. We still have a very long way to go, which is why I believe Women’s Day should be celebrated every day. If there were truly equal privileges, this question would never need to be asked.

Manjari Mishra

While discussions about women's empowerment have increased, the extent to which it translates into meaningful action in workplaces varies. Some organizations have made notable strides in promoting gender equality through initiatives like diversity programs, mentorship, and policies supporting work-life balance. However, challenges persist, such as gender pay gaps and underrepresentation of women in leadership roles. Ongoing efforts and a commitment to creating inclusive work environments are crucial for turning empowerment rhetoric into tangible improvements for women in the workplace. Gender equality in the entertainment industry has seen improvements, but challenges persist. Women often face issues like pay disparity, limited roles, and age-related biases. Progress is being made, but there's still work to be done to ensure equal privileges for both men and women in the industry. Hard work and confidence are valuable traits for me. They can lead to increased productivity, resilience in facing challenges, and a positive impact on personal and professional pursuits. Every day is Women’s Day. We, as women, should celebrate our every success and achievement and not consider it just for one day.

Sherleen Dutt

For me, Women's Day represents a celebration of the resilience, achievements, and contributions of women across the globe. It's a reminder of the importance of advocating for women's rights and creating a world where every woman can thrive. While there have been advancements in promoting gender diversity and inclusion, there are still systemic barriers and biases that hinder women's advancement in many industries. True empowerment means creating environments where women have equal opportunities for leadership, mentorship, and career growth. As a woman, I believe my strengths lie in resilience, empathy, and determination. These qualities have helped me navigate challenges and pursue my passions with courage and conviction. This Women's Day, my plans revolve around celebrating the achievements of women who have paved the way for progress and advocating for those whose voices still need to be heard. Whether it's attending events, supporting women-owned businesses, or engaging in conversations about gender equality, I am committed to being an active participant in the movement towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Namita Lal

It's incredible and amazing how March 8th is celebrated as International Women's Day, year after year. I love the way women come together, bonding over stories and celebrating sisterhood. However, I've observed an impact in workplaces, stemming from my background in banking, where I held a senior leadership position and advocated for diversity and inclusion. Progress is slow. Despite lip service to having 25% women on boards and at senior levels, the reality is different. While entry-level positions may achieve gender parity, as women progress, their representation narrows. Factors like family responsibilities contribute to this drop-off. Gender bias, especially at senior levels, persists. Progress in the industry regarding equal privileges for women is slow. Personally, I receive respect in my acting and producing roles, regardless of size. My strengths lie in confidence and humility. I address disrespect with assertiveness, transmitting my message calmly. I've always viewed myself as equal and confident, never feeling inferior due to my gender.

Sheeba Akashdeep

It's slowly getting a bit better. Women's achievements and their seniority are being recognized in the workplace. There are many offices now where women are getting paid better and are in better positions than men. So, yeah, every day is a new day, and people have started believing in gender equality. It's the same in the industry; again, there are heroines who are as good as heroes and can carry a movie on their own shoulders. But even now, the pay scale is not equal; the heroes get paid way more. On the other hand, on television, women are queens. So if you are a television actress, definitely, a woman has more powerful roles and better pay. No, even on TV, there is no equal pay for the main lead heroes. So, yes, in some industries, they're equalizing. As a woman, your strength is the ability to multitask, to give equal attention to home, earth, and the workplace, and basically have mental power, as opposed to just physical power, which even women have today. But still, physiologically, we are made mentally stronger and capable of handling the best and the worst in life. Women's Day this year coincides with Mahashivaratri. It's going to be a very energetic day, very energizing. I will spend the day in prayer and worship of Mahadev, and he will bring new energy into life on earth, I wish all the women the very, very best.

Varsha Hegde

I feel Women’s Day should be celebrated every day because being a woman is a blessing as you have the power to create another human being. Being a woman itself is very strong. You are mentally so strong that you can handle any situation by being resilient, determined, focused, and being there. I believe in celebrating women every day, and this women’s day, I want to celebrate it with my mother. She brought me into this beautiful world, and it’s her strength that she passed on to me.

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