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Actors get candid about Ranveer Singh’s latest ad on a men’s health brand

The content might not be something that TV shows, but the fact that the latest Ranveer Singh-ad can highlight sexual performance in a TV for...

The content might not be something that TV shows, but the fact that the latest Ranveer Singh-ad can highlight sexual performance in a TV format is noteworthy and even courageous, say these celebrities. This is what they feel about the ad.

Shivangi Verma: Advertisements often use satire or exaggeration to convey messages. Some might see it as a humorous way to highlight issues in the entertainment industry, while others could find it offensive if they feel it undermines a particular genre. It’s subjective, and public reactions may vary. Discussing these topics can be healthy for the industry, encouraging reflection and improvement.

Namita LalI thought it was very funny and I guess it attracts the right kind of segment. So, I don't see what the controversy is all about. I have absolutely no problem with the ad. I thought it was well made and got the message through for what they were trying to promote, and it was well done.

Eklavya Sood: I think in this day and age, the current world that we are living in, these ads are very important. In India, we have considered sexual health for both men and women as a taboo and generally women are not allowed to speak about it. But I think it is a very, very important part of every girl's woman's man's life in this world. I think this is a very good step in the right direction. As far as the unrealistic sequences are concerned, I feel that, again, in this day and age you have to find a key element that goes viral. So, I don't think the intention of the makers was to hurt any sentiments of the TV audiences or anything as such, but rather they might want to attract those audiences. Because with this you'll have a bigger reach with this treatment. Also, I think when you're talking about sexual health and such topics, you have to do it in a humorous way because it breaks a lot of tension from the key subject, but yet it delivers the right message.

Charrul Malik: I recently watched an ad featuring Ranveer Singh, and while I think the presentation could have been better, I want to highlight the positive aspects. The choice of TV as a platform is commendable, given its significant impact and wide reach. Addressing important topics and bringing in big superstars adds value, though the execution could have been improved. Kudos to the creative team for choosing the right medium, and I believe they could refine the script and dialogues for a more engaging result. Despite some controversies, the larger picture is about experimenting with TV's immense reach, emphasizing that "Chota Parda Nahi Hai Bade Parde Se Kam" It's all part of an experiment, and while improvements can be made, the mission of conveying a positive message seems to have been accomplished.

Kanchi Singh: I find the recent ad with Ranveer Singh interesting. It promotes a men's health brand using a TV soap backdrop, highlighting the melodramatic and unrealistic aspects of such shows. Personally, I think it's a clever way to spark a conversation about the need for improved content on TV. I don't see it as offensive, but rather as a creative approach to address a relevant issue. As someone in the entertainment industry, I appreciate campaigns that provoke thought and encourage positive change.

Ansh Bagri: I saw the TV commercial, and it's nice. They used the TV's backdrop to showcase how a brand and its product work, mainly for entertainment. I believe TV is meant for entertainment, catering to a specific audience that enjoys slow-motion and melodramatic content. It's not about creating bad content; it's about giving the audience what they want. The ad demonstrates how things work in slow motion, making it fun to watch without being offensive. I think I could be part of creating such ads, as it's all about entertaining the audience. While some TV shows are overly melodramatic, not all producers follow that approach. I recently did a show, Baagin, which avoids senseless content. It's essential to deal with such content better, but ultimately, if the audience enjoys it and the numbers are good, then it's all fine. This ad, to me, is funny and not offensive at all.

Aadesh Chaudhary: I don't see any issue with the ad with the backdrop of a daily soap because we're part of the entertainment industry. We create anything for marketing to keep people entertained. I'm happy with the ad and I love it. I believe we should keep making such ads. I support this ad because it represents content that raises awareness about topics we usually avoid – breaking societal taboos. I think it's important to create such content as it doesn't harm anyone's feelings but spreads awareness.

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