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World Suicide Prevention Day: Suicidal ideation is a serious issue requiring professional help and support, say celebs

This World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), celebrities address the growing number of suicide cases. They talk about how these should be avoid...

This World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), celebrities address the growing number of suicide cases. They talk about how these should be avoided at any cost. 

Lokit Phulwani

The increase in suicides across entertainment, as well as non-entertainment industries, is a complex issue with multiple factors involved. It includes work-related stress, mental health challenges, societal pressures, etc. Suicidal ideation is a serious issue requiring professional help and support. Addressing it includes seeking professional help or contacting a helpline, encouraging open conversations with trusted individuals, fostering a supportive environment to reduce stigma, promoting coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, emphasizing social connections to combat loneliness, and advocating for mental health awareness and education.

Sheeba Akashdeep

As a society, I think we're too self-obsessed and not aware of what's going on around us. Families are becoming smaller and more nuclear. People are getting more lonely. They're locked up in their own space and their head. People still do not treat mental illness as they should. It is something that needs to be acknowledged and accepted. If you have a friend or a family or a relative who you feel is unwell, he needs to see a doctor. There are healthcare professionals who should be shown the problem. It's very easily treatable with timely intervention, and medical intervention, and I feel people should be more aware to recognize the signs in their loved ones of depression and that would as a society help everyone.

Anupama Solanki

These days people are addicted to Blue screens and now people are sitting alone for hours and hours. For example Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads. People are spending their entire time on these apps with no social interaction. Nowadays everyone is alone and slowly it is becoming a poison. Twenty years ago there were heart attack cases but now people are getting heart attacks at a very young age. The side effects of staring at a blue screen have an adverse affect the new generation. Health activities are less and this is the big reason for Suicides. No awareness about health checkups. I never heard about health campaigns for depression. People used to go silently to Doctors otherwise society would say, ‘Pagal ho gaya hai ya, Kisi ne kuch khila diya hai’ and all. My question is: How many people are doing annual health checks in India? I think 10/100 so the answers are clear. Suicidal thoughts never come directly, Oh let’s do suicide. It builds up slowly in your body, and then it comes into your mind.

Kavitta Verma

Loneliness and excessive expectations are factors that, in my opinion, can lead to depression in an individual. Having experienced depression I understand that staying connected with oneself is necessary but also challenging. I assume many people struggle with this, and when depression takes hold, it can lead to a state of mind where helplessness becomes a significant factor, propelling one toward self-hatred. I believe that recognizing the inherent value of being alive can be a path to happiness and gratitude. However, I acknowledge that when you find yourself in that mindset or situation with no one around to assist, it becomes an uphill struggle to maintain one's sanity.

Farnaz Shetty

Suicide prevention calls for enhanced self-awareness and spiritual connection. Reach out to intervene and steer clear of solitary thoughts. Fill your life with activities and the company of loved ones. A paramount aspect is nurturing a higher life purpose. Purposelessness often leads people astray, and comparing oneself to others is detrimental, as everyone's potential and journey differ. A significant catalyst for suicidal thoughts is self-pity, stemming from unfavourable comparisons. To combat this, bolster self-confidence and gratitude for life's blessings. We must appreciate the beautiful existence bestowed upon us by a higher power and dedicate it to serving others. It's vital to remember that life isn't solely for one's benefit but also for the betterment of others, leading to various forms of satisfaction. Suicidal thoughts are, at their core, selfish, disregarding the struggles and mental health issues many endure. Overcoming these thoughts begins with focusing on a higher purpose and prioritizing the well-being of others before getting trapped in the darkness of self-pity.

Anusha Mishra

We're feeling a lot more alone and there is tons more pressure on every single human being from every direction - to prove ourselves, to achieve more, to "be the best". The world expects you to appear happy and strong, while it's being unkind to you in every way, and a lot of people are uncomfortable with seeing the not-so-pretty emotions a human deals with. To top that, people don't want to help or don't know how to help. It's beyond heartbreaking to hear of all the lives that are being lost, and I feel the solution is for us to allow and accept vulnerability from everyone, and maybe reduce our extremely high expectations that add to the stress. Our society has become so closed and solitary, that opening up and living once again as a community, as a group of people open to dialogue and creating a safe space for each other to be our true selves - is what may help. Giving emotions and humans a safe space is maybe the only thing that would work.


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