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Teacher's Day: Celebs share the biggest lessons their teachers taught them

Rohit Choudhary I am a strong believer in the saying that time is the greatest teacher," and indeed, it is. I attended a government s...

Rohit Choudhary

I am a strong believer in the saying that time is the greatest teacher," and indeed, it is. I attended a government school, and to be honest, the teachers there were quite carefree when it came to teaching students. One of my primary school teachers, Ms. Waalia, was exceptionally loving and caring. I had a fondness for her, and I recall eagerly preparing questions and answers for her class. During my middle school and senior secondary years, I was quite mischievous. I would sit at the front desk and play pranks on everyone. However, throughout my student life, I remained extremely active and passionate about sports. I had great interactions with my sports team and teachers, whether it was in college or school. Sportsmanship teaches you valuable lessons. In reality, my father was my true teacher. He instilled in me the values of self-respect, hard work, and honesty. It was because of him that I pursued my graduation from Delhi University. Even there, my interest in academics was limited, and I rarely attended classes. Instead, I was deeply involved in student politics and the union. People often relied on me to get things done. In summary, life and its experiences teach us a great deal. We simply need to lead an intentional life.

Lokit Phulwani

The teacher who influenced my life the most was Preeti Ma’am during my schooling in Dubai. Some of the important life lessons I learned from her include: respect is earned, not given; challenges make you stronger; be curious and never stop learning; and embrace mistakes as stepping stones to progress. I was a very obedient student, extremely focused on punctuality, responsibility, self-control, respect for rules, accountability, and perseverance.

 Kavitta Verma

I was indeed a very bright student, and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons from my teachers. Among them, my science and theatre teachers held a special place in my heart. I somehow believe that science and theatre are interconnected. From my teacher, Anuradha Kapoor, I learned a valuable lesson - that one should not underline everything in life's journey. This wisdom has stayed with me over the years. However, my all-time favourite teachers were my parents. They taught me how to be a survivor, as I was the daughter of a warrior.

Aradhana Sharma

If I talk about myself, I was a very bright and studious student. I held the position of head girl in my school and was known for my disciplined approach to my studies. Learning was of utmost importance to me. During my school and college journey, I had the privilege of coming across a few teachers whom I greatly admired. One of them was Nutan Sharma, my math teacher in school, and the other was my Hindi teacher.

Simple Kaul

I had lovely teachers in my school. I used to love my sculpture teacher. I was really interested in arts, and he taught me how to make human figures, faces, drawings, and pottery. I remember I used to love attending his class, and sometimes I spent like 3-4 hours, during my free time and in his class. He was a great teacher; he really taught me how to create art and how to value it. I was all in. I was very naughty and often found in the back row. I was talkative and highly interested in extracurricular activities, but not so much in studies, except for languages like English and Hindi, which we were naturally good at. My mother was a class teacher, and that used to be in the fifth standard, which was a nightmare for me because she used to ask me questions, which meant I had to study properly. She was a science teacher, and I had to really memorise everything because she would ask me random questions, and it would be very embarrassing if I didn't know the answers. She didn't want to show any partiality towards me or make others feel that way. As my teacher, she treated me just like any other student. But, as I mentioned, I really looked up to my sculpture teacher, Mr. Das. I had many teachers, and all of them taught us something interesting. Even in college, our teachers were really, really nice.

 Akshay Anand

There is no doubt that being a teacher is a noble profession that deserves an equal amount of love and respect as any other profession. Teachers nourish and prepare students for their future as they are the real icons of knowledge and wisdom. They create awareness among the students and common people. I remember our Hindi teacher, Gupta sir, very well. He used to sing poems using Bollywood song themes, and I still remember them even after decades have passed. Those were the best days with no tension, only fun. I was a very introverted child, but I got along well with all types of students, from those in the front benches to those in the back. It's strange, but it's true.

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