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From talking to family to going the spiritual path, here’s what these celebrities do to lift their moods!

Sheeba Akashdeep The first thing I do to lift my mood instantly is to talk to a friend or my mom. I think most things become more lighter ...

Sheeba Akashdeep

The first thing I do to lift my mood instantly is to talk to a friend or my mom. I think most things become more lighter in your heart when you don't store them in. So talking is definitely a great mood lifter. And also, eventually, as I'm going to work, I like to meditate and tune out of everything. So I'll tune into the present and tune out everything surrounding me. And it brings me into the mood of the character also getting into the costume and the makeup and everything. As the layers start coming on, the older layers start peeling off.

Lokit Phulwani

Boosting my spirits and immersing myself in a character involves employing methods such as deep breathing, visualisation, and physical warm-ups. Establishing a connection with the character's emotions and backstory proves beneficial. Through practice and experimentation, I ascertain the most effective strategies for my own process.

Anupama Solanki

For every actor, this question holds great importance. Whenever I'm down or not in the right mood, or facing any unexpected situation, it's crucial. There are moments when I must deliver an immediate performance. In such instances, I turn to music or engage in chit-chat with co-actors to shift my focus before concentrating on the performance. Music often helps improve my mood as well.

Aditya Deshmukh

As things change and I grow, the old stuff goes away. But when I see myself on camera or with my fans, I feel better. Some days are good, some not so much. Being an actor is nice but also tough. I have to let go of personal stuff when I'm in front of fans or the camera because they've been around for a long time. It's better to keep my personal life private and just be myself with them. I like to watch movies to distract myself or sometimes I take a walk or drive around. At times, I eat an ice cream or for a walk putting my headphones on and listening to music.

Aradhana Sharma

My work is incredibly sacred to me. I've left home and family, dedicating myself to my career, a cherished passion. I can't underestimate its value. Through personal hardships, I've held onto the belief that no matter the sacrifice, be it for acting or any endeavour, I'll never trivialise it. I thrive on people's support, their appreciation fuels me. Even in tough times, I've established a routine: emotions flow before and after the shooting, but once my makeup's on, I'm committed beyond mere words.

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