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Celebs suggest two changes that India needs now to script a better tomorrow

Like everything else in the world, a nation also goes through good and bad. At the moment, India is facing a similar issue. But, one thing i...

Like everything else in the world, a nation also goes through good and bad. At the moment, India is facing a similar issue. But, one thing is very clear. A nation is what its people are. So unless we do, say, and work towards what is right and take it upon ourselves to care for our beloved land, there cannot be any progress. Politics, blame game, and being selfish have never helped. Celebs voice for a better tomorrow as they point out the two biggest national problems which need to be addressed. They also try to find out possible ways to deal with it and extend full support to everything good that can be done for India. Here’s what they said:

Madalsa Sharma

Within the wide environment of our country, two important issues—population control and the protection of women—demand our undivided attention. To effectively slow the growth of the population, we must carefully develop laws that support easily available feminine health services, education, and empowerment. Let's create a culture of equality and respect while also committing wholeheartedly to ending discrimination based on gender. We could imagine a future in which every person is successful and our country grows in peace and security by adopting comprehensive family planning and empowering women via strict rules, powerful support networks, and educational campaigns.

Prateik Chaudhary 

The protection of women and the misery of the animals we love are two crucial threads that need our quick action inside the fabric of our nation's difficulties. We must build a society that recognises and supports the safety and security of women, ensuring that everyone gets access to equal opportunities and a secure environment. To safeguard and put an end to the cruelty done towards other animals, we need to spread awareness and help people learn to sympathise with them while fighting for strict regulations. We can build a country that values both its human and animal residents, promoting peace and equality for everyone, by creating empathy.

Rahul Sharma 

Unemployment is a pressing concern that affects individuals and families across the nation. To address this issue, it is crucial to focus on creating more job opportunities. This can be achieved by implementing policies and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, investing in skill development programs and training can equip individuals with the necessary tools to secure employment. Collaboration between the government and educational institutions is key to effectively tackling unemployment. Secondly, cruelty towards animals is a concerning problem that demands our attention and compassion. It is essential to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals and take steps to prevent abuse. This can be accomplished by strengthening animal welfare laws, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, promoting adoption instead of buying animals, and supporting animal rescue organisations can also make a positive impact. By raising awareness about the importance of empathy towards animals, we can create a society that values their well-being. And, by working together, we can strive for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Adaa Khan

As an actress, I believe that two of the biggest national problems that need to be addressed are women's safety and environmental pollution. These issues have far-reaching consequences and require urgent attention for the betterment of society. It is crucial to create an environment where women can feel safe and secure in all aspects of life. To address this issue, we need stricter laws and their effective enforcement, ensuring awareness programs from an early age, and promoting a culture of respect and equality. Additionally, providing better infrastructure, such as well-lit public spaces and reliable public transportation, can significantly contribute to enhancing women's safety. Secondly, environmental pollution is a critical challenge that requires collective efforts. To address this issue, both individual and systemic changes are necessary. As an actress, I can use my platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. Collaborating with organisations and participating in initiatives like tree planting drives, beach cleanups, and recycling campaigns can make a positive impact.

Sudhanshu Pandey 

The problem in our country, first is obviously infrastructure. But the current government is working very, very hard towards it. Our National Highway minister is working fast and strongly on building infrastructure. But unfortunately, we're making infrastructure all across the country but within a city like Mumbai, the most important areas are filled with potholes leading to all-round damage. There are craters and it is sometimes painful to call the city the financial capital of India because the condition is really bad and the government has done nothing year after year. It's just been the same. That is one problem. And the second thing I would say is definitely the population because that has led to unemployment, which is why we need to control it as early as possible. Although there is a lot of manpower in the country that wants to control the population, we can have an even education system for everyone in this country.

Sneha Jain 

I think it's the population that's causing many issues. The competition is rising, and for one simple thing, there are hundreds of other products available. Moreover, due to the shortage of land, we resort to cutting down forests, which is incredibly harmful to us. Nature is disappearing, and this is not good. Extreme weather conditions are also a consequence of deforestation. Secondly, I believe that cruelty towards animals is a significant concern that should be addressed. While I have seen some people taking care of animals and the government helping in this regard, the amount of cruelty animals endure is unacceptable. Animals cannot ask for help, and if they all die, we'll lose a valuable part of our ecosystem. So, I think we should at least stand up for the animals.

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