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Hrithik Roshan and Vijay Thakkar’s common 'love' interest...

The role of fitness in our day to day lives is of immense importance. In today’s time when everyone is busy in the regular hustle of city li...

The role of fitness in our day to day lives is of immense importance. In today’s time when everyone is busy in the regular hustle of city life, taking care of fitness is of utmost importance. One such individual who’s always been a flagbearer of the same is Vijay Thakkar. Hrithik Roshan and Vijay Thakkar equation dates back to many years. The two of them have bonded wonderfully over the years; the common 'love interest' we refer to over here is fitness. While Hrithik Roshan is said to be a quintessential fitness icon in the country who’s inspired literally a whole generation towards fitness, Vijay Thakkar, on the other hand, has played an instrumental role in terms of bringing fitness to the community and guiding them in the right way towards this form of art. Whenever Hrithik and Vijay meet, it is always a fun-filled conversation filled with laughter and enriching discussions on fitness. This time as well, when the duo met, it was pretty much the same.

For the unversed, Vijay Thakkar is a celebrated functional medicine expert and a young and vibrant entrepreneur whose heart and soul lie with fitness. He launched 48 Fitness way back in 2013 and in literally no time, his brand became extremely popular in the fitness space. His brand has become one of India’s most awarded fitness clubs that offer unique personalised services and wellness standards to fitness enthusiasts in Mumbai. He has earlier written and contributed for fitness columns for leading platforms like Forbes, Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Femina & More. Given the kind of equation both of them share, it was only natural that Hrithik would be kind enough to pen the foreword of his latest book 'Eating Less Is Making You Fat'. An excerpt of his foreword in the book reads the following,

"We are more than eight billion people on the planet, but each one of us is so unique when it comes to not just our personalities but also the way our bodies function. 1 firmly believed 'body banana koi asaan kaam nahin hai' until I read Vijay's book, where he explains the science in the most accessible way - what I now call the trick and the truth of being fit.

Personally, I've always strived to give my best to fitness.

From a career point of view, walking a challenging path to discover my true inner potential has always been my mantra.

Fitness, to me, is not just a professional requirement but something that is essential to my very existence. It has played an integral role in my career of over two decades, from Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai to Vikram Vedha, the journey, and beyond. As an action hero, one has to be on one's toes; work is not only demanding but also challenging. Some of my roles demand that 1 be at the peak of a body type; this requires excessive preparation, but the base must always be ready. The base is nothing but the optimum level of fitness, be it muscular, cardio, flexibility, or mental strength. I believe this is needed in any profession. All you have to do is keep the base ready so that you can enjoy your life, your time with family…".

The foreword is extremely inspiring and support from an industry stalwart like Hrithik Roshan means the world to Vijay who’s inspired all the way more to do good quality work in the department of fitness even more.

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