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Diamond care in the monsoon

The heartwarming romantic monsoon brings with it a breath of fresh air after the scorching summer. Everyone doesn't love this mesmerizin...

The heartwarming romantic monsoon brings with it a breath of fresh air after the scorching summer. Everyone doesn't love this mesmerizing time of the year, especially your jewelry. The season's moist and humid character can hamper the sparkle of your gems. Scintillating diamonds can lose their sheen and beauty during the rains and need extra care to enjoy the privilege of being beautiful and elegant for much longer.

De Beers Forevermark shares simple ways for you to take care of your diamonds this monsoon.

Preserve Brilliance: Dry and Store - Excessive humidity during these months poses a significant threat to the radiant shine of diamond jewellery. The presence of impurities in rainwater can cause diamonds to lose their luster. To safeguard their brilliance, it is crucial to meticulously eliminate every droplet of water if your jewelry gets wet in the rain. Avoid using corrosive papers to remove moisture; instead, allow them to naturally air dry and store them in well-aerated bags along with a silica gel pouch.

Organized Protection: Clutter-Free Storage - To prevent scratching and maintain the pristine condition of your diamonds, it is advisable to store them in separate pouches rather than cluttering them together in a single box. If space is a constraint, then invest in a sturdy jewelry storage box with a hardcover, providing an ideal safeguard against moisture during the rainy season. Additionally, wrap each piece of jewellery in separate butter paper or muslin cloth to prevent scratches against other pieces of jewellery.

Shield from Cosmetics and Chemicals - Often overlooked, the chemicals found in perfumes, makeup, and other beauty products can diminish the diamond’s natural shine. To preserve their beauty, make it a practice to wear your diamonds as the final touch in your dressing routine. Apply your makeup, style your hair, spritz perfume, and finally adorn your sparkling diamonds.

Protect from dirt - Regular Cleaning for Lasting Brilliance- Regular wear can expose diamond jewelry to moisture and dust, leading to a loss of shine. Preserve their sparkle by cleaning them gently with a velvet cloth or washing them with mild soap and water. Use a toothbrush or any other small brush to clean off any dirt nestled in the undersides and grooves. After washing, lay them on a soft towel to air dry and maintain their captivating luster.

Handle with care - When it comes to handling diamond jewelry, it is imperative to recognize the inherent value and rarity of these exquisite gems. They require delicate care and attention to maintain their brilliance and allure. It is advisable to refrain from touching the diamonds directly with your fingers, as the natural oils can leave smudges and diminish their sparkle. When removing a diamond ring, always ensure the stone faces upwards to prevent any potential loosening. By adhering to these practices, you can preserve the beauty and sparkle of your precious diamond jewelry.

These few tips can help you preserve the brilliance of your precious diamond jewelry, ensuring that you pass on the sparkle to the next generation.


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