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On World Music Day celebs share their music choices

You live longer and happier if you have music in your life! Here’s what these celebrities are listening to. Sheeba Akashdeep I absolutel...

You live longer and happier if you have music in your life! Here’s what these celebrities are listening to.

Sheeba Akashdeep

I absolutely love music. It accompanies me during various activities such as doing my makeup, taking a shower, driving in the car, and even when I'm reading. Music holds immense importance in my life. Among our closest friends, both Akash and I have the privilege of knowing some professional singers. Sonu Nigam is like family to us, as well as the Pankaj Udhas family. Palak Mucchal is also considered family. Alka Yagnik holds a special place in our hearts as well. It seems like we attract a lot of singers and music into our lives. As for me, I have learned music throughout my life, focusing on classical singing. Yes, I can sing, and I have also learned to play the harmonium and Veena. However, sad songs are not my preference. It is one category of music that I do not enjoy, so I don't have a favorite in that genre.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Music is extremely important to me because it is not just something I listen to for feeling good. It is a part of my system and existence, and I need music around me all the time to get through the day and its hours while I'm working. I listen to music for quite a lot of hours throughout the day. Every time I come back to my makeup room, if I'm shooting, I switch on my music. I either listen to 70s music which includes Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, and R.D. Burman, or I listen to reggae music because it gives me a lot of peace. Reggae is very calming, nice, and chilled out, so it keeps me relaxed. I also listen to reggae. No, I haven't learned music or any musical instrument. I would love to learn an instrument or do vocal training, but unfortunately, I don't have the time for it. When I'm sad, I listen to Bollywood songs, particularly those from the 70s because those are the songs I love listening to. My second preference is songs from the 90s, from Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan's era, as they bring me a lot of happiness.

Aditya Deshmukh

Yes, I wholeheartedly believe in it. My entire family has been fans of Mohammad Rafi for generations, and I also have a passion for singing. Although my father is a commissioner by profession, he still performs live shows in memory of Rafi Ji. It's his way of paying tribute, as he believes that he has accomplished everything in life and now wants to focus on what he loves the most, which is music. He is a passionate singer. We support him in living his dream, as we have witnessed his dedication to music throughout our lives. We have developed a strong inclination towards music and a deep love for Mohammad Rafi through him. Apart from Rafi Ji, we also enjoy listening to music from the 90s and 80s, including pop culture icons like Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys. Music adds charm to life, and listening to it is always enjoyable. When I'm driving, I usually tune in to FM radio or listen to a lot of old songs and English music. I particularly love slow music, as it blends well regardless of the weather or my mood. I am a singer myself and have learned to play the keyboard. I also own a guitar, and when my friends visit, we have jam sessions together. I have a good sense of music, and I actively participate in those sessions by singing. Whenever I'm feeling down, I find solace in listening to "Tanhayee" from the movie Dil Chahta Hai. It transports me to another realm, and I feel better when I immerse myself in that song.

Aniruddh Dave

My passion for music has been strong since my childhood. I was the only kid in first grade who used to play an instrument during our school assembly. From a young age, I have played various instruments such as the Bongo Congo, Harmonium, Tabla, mouth organ, keyboard, and Synthesizer. Apart from the guitar, I have been fortunate to have skills and talent in playing multiple instruments. Perhaps it's a blessing or something genetic, as my mother also has a knack for music. I am forever grateful to my music teacher from Central School, Mrs. Sharma, who always supported and motivated me. I still have many musical instruments at home, and recently, I got my synthesizer fixed for my son Anishq because I want him to learn music as well. Playing the mouth organ, which is considered one of the toughest instruments to play, is something I enjoy. Lately, I have started singing in Karaoke, and it's a great activity to spend time on. I love all the songs of S P Balasubramanium and the songs from the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya. Music is a source of inspiration in life. It keeps me focused, uplifts me, and helps me channel my energy. Music holds immense importance in my life. During breaks between scenes, I often put on my headphones and listen to music.

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