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Celebs urge people to understand the ill effects of tobacco and act accordingly

World No-Tobacco Day is observed every year on May 31. The thought behind this day is to remind people about the ill effects of tobacco cons...

World No-Tobacco Day is observed every year on May 31. The thought behind this day is to remind people about the ill effects of tobacco consumption and how injurious it is to our health. However, even with this warning, people seem to just not care. According to many, it is a stress reliever. Celebs share their viewpoint:

Harjinder Singh

While smoking may provide temporary relief from stress, it’s important to consider the long-term health risks, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Many healthier ways to manage stress include exercise, meditation, or spending time with loved ones. I agree that smoking can be a stress reliever for some people, but it's important to remember the serious health risks that come with smoking. It's always better to find healthier ways to manage stress.

Hansa Singh

Tobacco is injurious to health yet people are addicted to it, as it is considered a stressbuster or just a fad. Youth generally picks up as a fad, to become a man. But now it’s with men and females both. Excess of anything is bad. So I would say that don’t spoil your health just because you have only smoking as an option. Be real and realistic about life. Quitting cigarettes is both easy and difficult. The government won’t stop the companies that make cigarettes as it's a huge revenue earner. So one needs to take care of himself/herself, be cautious about their health, and be responsible.

Anupama Solanki

I don’t smoke and I feel if someone is smoking s/he is killing themselves and others too. Smoking is total madness. It is clearly mentioned in cigarette boxes that it is injurious to health, but people still smoke. Maybe this is a stress reliever but on the other side, it is killing your lungs. Better to do deep breathing or yoga for stress. I think the government should increase taxes on tobacco. At least a few people will leave cigarettes because of the high price or the government should take high penalties when they are smoking in public places. They don’t care about other people. There are lots of smokers who are burning other people’s lives too. I request that people who smoke, please do not hurt themselves and others too for your enjoyment.

Sheeba Akashdeep

Not only on No-Tobacco Day, I wish to see a world where there is no tobacco ever anywhere. It’s so harmful and poisonous, not only to your own self but to others too. If you're smoking or consuming it, you are doing yourself a disservice, but you are also doing it to your environment and people who live around you who do not wish to be a part of it. Secondly, smoke is also detrimental to health and perhaps people need more reminders and scary pictures and inserts in ads in cinemas and movies. It's just so addictive and in your bloodstream, it’s so difficult to get rid of that habit. I wish the world would go tobacco-free soon.

Shaan Shashank Mishra

I am totally against the use of tobacco because it often leads to cancer. I have seen so many people suffering from cancer and living their lives with many difficulties and struggles in getting the treatment done. They are counting every day of their lives before death which is very wrong. One gets so addictive it starts with fun and eventually becomes a habit that is irresistible. They have the urge to smoke so much that their minds don’t work. I have seen people take many sutta breaks to relieve stress but they don't. It's a misunderstanding that it happens, but I don’t think so. The amount of cigarettes you smoke every day is the amount of time you lessen in your life. It causes mouth cancer, and throat cancer and I have also seen people who are in groups who smoke, but the ones who don’t get affected too. Passive smoking is also harmful to people and others are suffering too. Stay tobacco-free and let's make the world a better place.

Chitra Vakil Sharma

Smoking is injurious to health and I firmly believe in it. As a ground rule, I never accompany any smokers and allow anyone to smoke around me. I believe passive smoking is equally bad. I never understood what type of stress buster is smoke. It's the smoke that comes out, it's the lungs that are compromised and all smokers are busy coughing.

Charrul Malik

It’s World No Tobacco Day and it should be celebrated, hyped, and highlighted and should run across the news, newspapers, magazines, and publications for people to be aware of so that people quit smoking and get to know about its side effects and disadvantages. I don’t know why people smoke and how it is a stress reliever. It might feel good when you smoke but what about the future. I can’t stand passive smoking also. No one is a child who smokes and even the picture of the cigarette pack says that it's dangerous to health but still people buy. I really want to tell everyone that there is no advantage to smoking. I think it is a deadly addiction that everyone should quit and should be banned in India and should definitely be banned in public places. There is no restriction on this, which is why it happens so much. Smoking and selling cigarettes should be banned in India. This is the only addiction that takes us to death. Replacing the smoke on your face with a smile today will replace illness in your life with happiness tomorrow.

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