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We are human beings first: Celebs on Preity Zinta being harassed by fans

Recently actress Preity Zinta posted about how she was harassed by fans. While one lady planted a kiss on her child’s cheek, another man alm...

Recently actress Preity Zinta posted about how she was harassed by fans. While one lady planted a kiss on her child’s cheek, another man almost followed her car, harassing her for money. And the photographers, around her, just stood and laughed. Celebrities offer their take on the matter

Sheeba Akashdeep: I think it is a bit tough especially when you're a woman. Sometimes the chasing and the crowd can get very intimidating because they get aggressive and you fear for your own safety. Polite and nice fans, of course, are something that an artist works and craves for but just that crowd that is pushing and pulling is really scary. The only thing is I feel in this particular case I can see it was just a regular homeless person following the car begging which happens worldwide. So that wasn't scary, that's just sad and it's the truth of the disparity between the rich and poor.

Hansa Singh: As we always say, any tag comes to us later. First, we are all human beings. One should respect that. Just being a celebrity does not give our fans to troll or drill us. If they can only come into our shoes to know our lives. What happened with PZ was sad. The paparazzi, I believe, is part of us only. We need each other. They should have been more considerate. Fans, we love, but as we don’t encroach on their lives, they should also respect our limits. We may be public figures and be in a democratic country. Right, to speak is there. But they should be more considerate.

Chitra Vakil Sharma: If you are a celebrity you are bound to have fans. If there are no fan moments celebs do try to grab their attention. Both sides of the coin have pros and cons. Of course, paparazzi are now in every corner. It's difficult to have a personal life...there is no SOP for them to follow.

Gaurav Singh: As a celebrity, it's difficult to handle such situations though we crave the attention we get from our fans. But it's really sad that people, at times, become so insensitive and ungrateful. Instead of making fun of the situation, paparazzi really need to understand that we are humans too. We can’t blame all of them but sometimes the paparazzi make things tough to manage.

Simaran Kaur: Such fan behaviour is not something I support in any way. They have made us what we are today, and everything we do is done solely for the entertainment of our fans. However, occasionally they could forget that we also have a personal life. I am aware of their love for us and our love for them. However, we also have a personal life, and we find it upsetting when a loved one is harmed. This shouldn't have happened, but the audience must get that we should be allowed to enjoy our personal lives.

Adaa Khan: Although most celebrities understand it is a necessary part of the job, it can occasionally become a little extreme. Sometimes it is very strange, very uncomfortable, and a serious invasion of privacy. You could say, "This is part of what I do, and it will therefore be a reality of my life." However, you have no idea how my body and emotions would respond to it. I am familiar with the difficulties that come with being famous. Incidents like these are disappointing, and whether a person is a celebrity or not, it is never acceptable. Fans must understand that and appreciate us from afar without invading our privacy or harming us or our families.

Aadesh Chaudhary: Even though it's fun to scroll through endless pictures on Instagram of celebrities' lavish trips, and creative activities, every now and then people want to know a little more about a public figure. I also feel isolated. It becomes uncomfortable when you're spending your alone time and with fans and paparazzi following you around. You become depressed when you can't travel or do anything. I wouldn't want anyone to experience this. Yes, I would not be fine. I'm a human first and then a celebrity. We as a celebrity have a crazy schedule, always being followed by paparazzi and fans, and try to respond to the media each day. However, I believe that as artists, we are aware of this fact and welcome the attention of our followers since it greatly inspires us. But, I believe that there is a fine line between being excited and making someone feel uncomfortable.

Mridul Kumar: It's such a dangerous incident, shameful also. There's no privacy for celebrities. Sometimes it feels like being a celebrity is a curse if incidents like this happen. Especially when it happens with the kids of our family when you're at a park or going to an airport, the way paparazzi behave, the way they talk, the way they interrupt, the way they put a light or bring the camera to our face, we are unable to see anything and Sometimes we get trolled for some actions. So I think paparazzi need to understand and maintain dignity and not invade the privacy of a public figure. And talking about the incident where Preity Zinta denied giving him money and the way he behaved aggressively, it is wrong. And this can happen again. So as citizens, we all should be careful. Being a celebrity is not wrong. We have worked hard to reach wherever we are but you should maintain distance and keep our privacy in mind. As human beings, we should all treat public figures as normal humans. We all have to be a little responsible, especially the paparazzi.

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