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Celebs laud new law that offers protection to animal caregivers feeding strays, taking care of them

Good news for animal lovers and caregivers, feeding stray animals is a law now. Even RWAs are expected to make sure the animals in their vic...

Good news for animal lovers and caregivers, feeding stray animals is a law now. Even RWAs are expected to make sure the animals in their vicinity are well fed. There have been many instances where some people were assaulted while they were feeding stray dogs and cats. The new law puts a stamp on this kind act and therefore has come as a welcome change. Street Dogs of Bombay shared the good news of ABC Rules 2022 being notified by the government on their Instagram page. Celebs welcome the new law.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I'm so glad that there is a rule now of such kind because yes, we are pet lovers. I have two pets at home. Two dogs, they are our babies and carry my surname as well— Jack Pandey and Pepper Pandey. Also, we have a group of pet lovers and have sort of rescued two little pups a long time back. They live in arrangements made by residents for them. We have made small shelters for them outside our house so that they can use them. We faced a lot of opposition because there are so many people who are very rude and allergic to animals. They say bad things but we put our foot down and make sure that they are taken care of by all of us. And this rule is definitely a very good change.

Sheeba Akashdeep

It is a big relief to all of us animal lovers that we are now legally mandated to feed hungry stray animals. It was very disheartening when people were stopped from doing that. I am a very avid animal lover. And yes, I do feed strays and will feed any animal I see on the street. And they have a right to live almost as much as we do. So feeding them and giving them water in the summer months is so important and I urge people to try and leave water outside their buildings and their bungalows and the lanes so that in the hot summer months, the birds and dogs and the cats can come and drink and feed them.

Megha Chakraborty

I have grown up spending time with dogs and cats, my mother does a lot of work for strays, feeding them, taking care of them, and giving them medicines. I cannot do it with her but wherever I work I see a lot of dogs. Currently, we take care of dogs named Golu, Chintu, and a few more, I prepare their food and feed them during my lunch break. I am very happy with the law and I believe everyone should feed the strays around their house. News of people beating up strays and mistreating them was horrifying, at the same time there are good stories of people getting food in large containers and feeding them. I have also posted on my social media several times to keep some food and water for stray cats, dogs and birds because we are only there for them. I am very happy that the law has been passed as a lot of time people feeding these strays or having a pet are targeted and tortured by the housing societies, tenants etc.

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