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Celebs on should we openly talk about sex?

Talking about sex is still taboo when it comes to India, especially among women and even men. Celebrities give their views on if this needs ...

Talking about sex is still taboo when it comes to India, especially among women and even men. Celebrities give their views on if this needs to change or not.

Subuhii Joshii: Forget talking about sex, even using the word sex, is such a big taboo. I think rather than appreciating people who talk about and express their need for sex verbally, they are looked down upon. I think it's because we are taught since childhood, that's how we have grown up and that needs to change. I am not saying going and talking unnecessarily where it's not required, but it should change. Sex education is very important. It should be made mandatory in schools. 

Nirisha Basnett: Honestly, India is still liberal compared to a few countries with strict rules regarding women and sex. Indonesia just banned sex outside marriage under a new criminal code. In countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and most Muslim countries, wearing hijab and fully covered dress is compulsory for women. 90 percent of women undergo Female Genital Mutilation in Africa and Middle Eastern countries. In Iran, virgin girls in prison are forced to marry and get raped by prisoners before execution. And India is still far from that sick world. Hopefully, considering talking about Sex, a taboo in India is still nothing compared to the above in-human behaviour when it comes to sex and women in several countries. But in India, more than just a mere expression of talking about sex, the problem lies in addressing and prioritizing the real issues surrounding sex like rape, marital rape, punishment for rape, sexual harassment, LGBTQ rights, and sex education in schools and households. From my understanding, sex is such a private thing, why does one need to express their need to the world? Talk it with the person that they want to have sex with or with the younger ones who need to be aware of sex education.

Aniruddh Dave: India is a country of culture and ethics. Do not let the west overpower you in every aspect, the thoughts, customs, rituals, and mentality in certain things. Kuch baatein parde mein, lihaz mein achi lagti hain.

Nikhil Nanda: It is still taboo in India. But it should be normalized. It is not going to change overnight, but slowly it is changing. And with the generations to come, it will be absolutely normal to talk about it. 

Priya Paramitaa Paul: I agree that even now in our generation, the word sex is still taboo. We cannot even talk about it in tier-two cities and villages. Yes, in the metro to a certain extent people have accepted, but that would be hardly 3% of our entire India. I feel that sex should be taught in public be it, men and women, because crime like rape is a result of why we don't talk about it, we don't give sex education to our children, we make those boundaries that you need to get married, you cannot look for other men, you look no cannot look for other women. And so many things, if somebody even expresses that this is our this is what I need, we are judged. And I feel that these things should be changed, this is a natural phenomenon given by God for our body, these are hormones that our body produces, right? It is as same as when we are thirsty, we need water. When we are hungry, we need food. So, I don't think that sex is something that should be hidden from people, especially for education, purposes, everyone should know about sex. And this awareness can be one of the reasons that can avoid that brutal crime, the brutal rape-murder that we hear about every day. 

Ambuj Dixit: This awareness will come gradually. It can change by both men and women being open about their needs. People talk about true love, but one has to remember for love to be true, sex plays an important part too. And that should be clear to both genders. For a relationship to thrive or materialize into marriage also sex plays an important part. So it’s a very important part of one’s personal life. It can only be changed by being more open and upfront about it by both genders.

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