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Children’s Day: Celebrities share their favourite childhood memories!

While roaming around in the neighbourhood and going for picnics was what we enjoyed as kids, today’s children have other ways of having fun,...

While roaming around in the neighbourhood and going for picnics was what we enjoyed as kids, today’s children have other ways of having fun, thanks to technological advancements. These celebrities talk about the way they would have fun as kids and how things have changed today!

Shehzad Shaikh

Today's kids have no idea what their actual childhood should look like. It is supposed to be on the ground, with a lot of friends, running around at the beach. Where you had one camera and 32 pictures is all you got on a whole trip. The rest of the time, you are spending time with your friends and family. I think my childhood was very different. We played about nine sports a year and went to different parties. They are missing out on life because they are too busy on their phones. I grew up in an international compound that included 17 different nationalities. We spent time playing tennis, rugby, cricket, badminton, swimming or football, and performing at opera theatres. I grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Nivedita Basu

There is good and bad in everything and technology also has the same. As a child, because of online education, due to the pandemic, my child learned a lot of things because of computers. But it also gave her a little bit of addiction. For every other small thing, she wanted to play it on screen. In our time, we were a lot into outdoor sports but nowadays kids refrain from it. I feel bad about it. We were brought up in a much more open and bigger city. Mumbai does not have that kind of infrastructure. I remember my parents shouting at me because I used to leave the house in the morning and come back by evening or night. I used to be at my friend's place doing simple things like being at home and cooking. If you ask about computer exposure that every kid has everywhere. I remember most of my childhood was my love for swimming. My sister and I used to go to the army club for swimming and it used to start at 4 and finish at about 8:30. My sister and I used to reach there by 3:30. We used to be the last person to get out of the pool.

Charrul Malik

Things have really changed. When we were kids, we were fortunate to play outdoors, go for picnics frequently, there were no phones and even on landlines we had limited access. We were not allowed to call without asking our parents. We were closely bonded and all knew what we were doing. We used to go to Pinjore garden, which is close to Chandigarh. We used to take home-cooked food. There was a rose garden in Chandigarh and we used to go for Rose Festivals when the flowers had their blooming period. For us, it was a luxury to go to such a place, and used to especially loved watching fountains. I miss those days when we used to play outdoors. My twin sister and I used to wear the same dresses and do all the outdoor activities. I didn’t learn to skate as we just used to try behind my home as it was a huge area. Imagine I haven’t learned skating at all and I have a Limca Book Of Records for the same. I remember going to school on our cycles, we were so active. We used to go to Sukhna lake almost every day for evening walks with our parents.

Priya Paramita Paul

I don’t have a great memory of childhood because I was a mediocre student and I didn't get very good responses from my teachers or my friends. I used to be a very quiet girl but the best time of my childhood was with my neighbourhood friends. I remember that during weekends and in festivals, we all used to meet up. We used to play games and roam around the entire compound and hide and seek was one of our favourite games. After we completed class 12, we used to cry thinking of the fact that we have to get separated to complete our graduation. Roaming out like rowdies and not willing to come back home on vacations was one of the best things that we all enjoyed. Our bonding was very different. There were no formalities and for us, everything was about us. Now I feel really sad that children these days don’t get to play outside. People who live in society just play for some time and they don’t get access to nature. I think every child should experience that as it makes you meet a very different yourself, where there are no rules and regulations. On the flip side, what I love about the children of this generation is somewhere down the line, they know that they have a choice of what they want to be in their life. Most of them are very clear about what subjects they want to study and none of them are saying that they want to only become doctors and engineers and they have so many options.

Anuj Sachdeva

I remember my childhood very well. Thankfully I'm from an era where I have seen cassette tapes which I used to record on, CDs, DVDs, pen drives, and now Amazon Prime. I used to record songs on tapes, then make a playlist and gift it to someone. Earlier more weightage would be given to a gift if one had spent time and effort on it. Now, if you want to give something to someone, you get it delivered by Swiggy. There is no personal touch in gifts as most of them are not handmade. Childhood is very sacred for me as it will never return.

Rajniesh Duggal

I feel lucky we were born at a time when there were no phones. Now, it is different for today's kids. They have everything on their phones or they can order anything online. The live touch and feel kind of entertainment which we had, is missing today. We have seen both generations. I make sure to give my daughter a chance to enjoy her childhood like I used to. She spends time outdoors, does more things physically, and is just not on the phone all the time. In fact, even on her birthday, which is very close to my birthday, we celebrate by giving chocolates to the kids.

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