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Actor Himanshu Malhotra shares his view on his initiative Share and Grow

Actor Himanshu Malhotra’s Share and Grow Initiative is well known and received by people from all walks of life. Himanshu also makes an effo...

Actor Himanshu Malhotra’s Share and Grow Initiative is well known and received by people from all walks of life. Himanshu also makes an effort on social media to share his daily thoughts with the netizens on various aspects of life. Speaking about the initiative which he started in 2016 he says, "Share and Grow initiative was formed on 5th of September Teacher's Day in 2016. And the first official video on the website was launched on 14th November 2016 - Children's Day. Since then, it's been a beautiful journey. The idea came from Amruta, my wife, who wanted me to begin something like this. She told me that do some sessions on life learning, you have so much inside you it needs to come out. So she was the one who actually gave the idea. And then with God's grace, I started executing it. And the term and the name Share and Grow emerged from there. Whatever I have learnt over a period of time I will meet and share so that we all can grow together. And we all participate in session talk shows, live learning sessions, 5 am sessions, free sessions, online sessions, offline sessions, and meeting people talking to them, either over a coffee or in school or college or corporates. Recently I've been called, in fact invited to address the Punjab National Bank employees for which I'll be traveling to Delhi in the next one week.” 

Himanshu’s short videos on social media are also popular. 

How do you decide on the topic? 
“I don't decide on any topic whatever comes naturally to me, whatever I read, I absorb from life or observe from life, I just make it into a video. It can be any quote written on the wall, it can be a song, it can be something that my instinct guides me it can be one a line that somebody says it can be a line that I say you know, all of a sudden, so I keep creating videos and it comes very naturally and effortlessly. I just sit down with my phone  and start making videos and it starts coming to me. I don't keep my name on it. I don't say that it's written and created or performed by Himanshu Ashok Malhotra; it will never be on any of the videos of Share and Grow because I feel knowledge is never yours. It just comes to you and then it just passes through you so that it can be passed forward to the people to mankind and humanity.”
So how has this initiative actually changed you as a person?
“This  is the real me. Sacche aur Acche Karmo ka phal safa I should say. In the world which we live in people live a very projected image. I was never the one who bothered about what I wore and I think after the Share and Grow Initiative I got more simplicity and honesty in me. And which I completely adore about myself also. It is necessary also otherwise you are just woven into useless thoughts, it's okay to think about it at a certain stage but then you should focus more on your soul calling and hard work, the purpose of life. I think all those things matter more to me than only the body.” 
Speaking about future plans of Share and Grow Himanshu adds, "I have no future plans for Share and Grow, it decides its future for itself all of a sudden something will happen and life will change. It just comes very spontaneously and that's how I want things to go - very free. I want everything that Share and Grow does, be it any talk show or sessions, I want knowledge to be free. The more we share the more we grow, we share, we grow.”

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