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Shah Rukh Khan@30: Celebs on how King Khan has inspired them

Shah Rukh Khan, the name says it all. The superstar of Hindi film industry, who is has been charming the audience with his craft and has fan...

Shah Rukh Khan, the name says it all. The superstar of Hindi film industry, who is has been charming the audience with his craft and has fans across the globe, completes three decades in the film industry this year. The milestone is being celebrated all over the world, and also by his fans, family and friends. King Khan's industry colleagues too have showered him with good wishes. After all, the Badshah of Bollywood has been an inspiration to many. Celebrities talk about the actor, how his journey has motivated them, him being their role model and also being one of the classic examples of how far TV stars can achieve. Here's what they said:

 Amal Sehrawat

Whenever Shah Rukh Khan’s name comes in front of me or in my mind or on screen, the only word that resonates with it is respect. A guy from Delhi, who had no industry background, came to Mumbai and became a star. He bought the house where he used to shoot. In Mumbai buying your own home is a big battle and if you buy a flat, you think you have won a battle, but that guy bought a bungalow. Apart from that, he has done landmark films such as Swadesh, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Chak De! India and so on. He has balanced so well between content and entertainment. Yes, I am a big admirer of Shah Rukh Khan. He inspires me a lot or you can say he is one of my role models.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I love SRK for his conviction in all the things he does. Conviction is something we really require when we are doing some scenes on television. Sometimes we know that there are logical loopholes and the writer has written the scene for the drama. Only if we do our scenes with conviction, we can make the audience believe in what we are doing. As an actor, this is one thing for which I take inspiration from the Badshah. Another thing is romance. Shah Rukh Khan has become the synonym for romance. His hard work has brought him to the place where he is today. I look up to his journey from TV to films.

Sharad Malhotra

SRK has inspired and motivated not just me but millions around the globe. The energy, style, panache, and charm that he exudes in his performances are so contagious that they tend to stay with us and invariably transport us to his world and bring a smile to our faces too. The man, who opens his arms wide, with a dimpled smile got me swooning every time he popped up on my screen. His energy and zeal to work so passionately ever after ruling the roost for 30 years, has inspired me too to work harder each day. If he came from nowhere and believed he could do it, then why not us who belong to the same TV fraternity from where it all originated. If he could go that far, so can we!

Zayn Ibad Khan

I’m the biggest fan of SRK. I love that guy not just because he is an actor but as a human being. I love his sense of humor, charisma, and aura and I want to be like him. He is my role model. He is my idol. I believe he is my mentor as well. I have watched plenty of interviews of SRK and he inspires so many people. He has done so much. He has reached that height. I think it's impossible for anyone to reach where SRK is because SRK is Bollywood. It is what I believe. I am not demeaning anyone else. But SRK is the complete perfect example of how one can become a superstar. He was a TV actor as well and I think he was a star before coming to this industry because he has that thing. So he has mentioned in one of his interviews that he doesn't sleep for more than 4-5 hours because he wants his body to crave more and that is something I have adapted from him. If he has reached this height in his career, he has done something really great in his life. I call him ‘Gyaan ka Bhandar’. You just randomly ask a question to him and he will tell you everything about it. I am waiting for 2023 because that year is SRK’s year as three of his movies will be releasing. I still have a dream of working with him and want to meet him at least once.

Balraj Syal

The Indian democracy of today’s time is still ruled by one king, who is also ruling the world and that is Shah Rukh Khan. SRK is a self-made man without any contacts. From TV, he shifted to Bollywood and by sheer hard work, he proved his talent over and over again. He is also called the King Of Romance and we can see it in his films. Chak de! India and Chamatkar are my favorite SRK films. He's an inspiration and will always be.

Shanu Singh Rajput

I am more than sure that not just me but he has inspired a lot of people. His journey off-screen and on-screen both. He is a classic example of what hard work and never giving-up attitude can contribute. On-screen as well, his movies have given us so much beyond entertainment. Honestly, I personally idealized directors and Cinematographers. So I wouldn't say role model but yes he is someone I have always admired and respected. Definitely. From Fauji till now. He makes each one of us believe that indeed the sky's our limit.

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