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Celebs on trolls against Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is the latest target on social media for her relationship with Lalit Modi: Celebs express disgust and concern on social media n...

Sushmita Sen is the latest target on social media for her relationship with Lalit Modi: Celebs express disgust and concern on social media negativity

Not every celebrity love story is received well it seems. The latest on that list is IPL founder Lalit Modi and model, actor and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen’s relationship. Since the day Modi announced that they are in love, both of them have been trolled on social media. Sen has also been called a gold-digger and more such things. Earlier Priyanka Chopra Jonas was also targeted for the age gap between her and Nick Jonas, her husband. Sen also faced negativity when she was dating Rohman Shawl, even Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor's relationship has faced the ire. Many have objected to this negative behaviour expressed by the netizens. Some see it as a double standard behaviour of the society that allows men certain things but not women and feel it’s time to call out the general habit of gossiping and pointing fingers at others' personal lives. The situation is more difficult for women. Celebs share their opinion on the same. They also talk about how one can avoid such behaviour towards women, the usage of nasty memes and content, especially on social media.
Anu Aggarwal
Let me start first by commenting on the good news. My heartiest congratulations to Lalit and Sushmita. I am so happy for them both. We need to feel joy for others’ happiness to initiate our own but we continue to live in ignorance. I don’t think age can be a barrier between the love of two people. I don’t believe age difference has anything to do with whether a relationship will be a good one, whether it will last or fall apart. People are so far away from their own reality that instead of focussing on that, they shift their attention toward others. And, start a blame game, call others names, troll them and make them look bad when the problem of each person is actually within them. Why just relationships with an age gap, I was trolled for not making my relationship with my boyfriend public, and the grapevine started to spread rumours about whether I preferred women over men. My PR then insisted I come out and talk about my French boyfriend who I had been dating for three years, and travelled to Paris a few times to meet him and avoided him coming to India as the paparazzi would be after his life. When you are a public figure, whatever you do or don’t is talked about, evaluated and judged. To tell you the truth this is one reason I wanted to get away from Bollywood and I decided to disappear.
Somy Ali
Civilization is still highly male-dominated and unless that changes these idiotic trolls and memes will prevail. Priyanka or Sush or any woman for that matter has a right to date anyone they choose to. Men do it all the time and it’s deemed that they are in high demand or ‘so wanted’. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. I commend all these women who dared to follow their hearts, more power to them. For Amrita (Singh; actor) to do it (take a stand for marrying her former husband, a much younger Saif Ali Khan) back in the 90’s, hats off to her. Sadly, even in 2022, the thought process remains the same. I love what Sush has posted on her IG about the gold digger comments. She’s beautiful and intelligent and since I have known her, she has always been financially independent. In fact, this is of the utmost importance to Priyanka, Malaika, and the rest of the women mentioned. They have always been the breadwinners. So the trolls and the memes, I stand with the women and by the women. Society in my mind is equal, not dominated by solely men. Age in this era means nothing literally nor should it more so when it comes to women dating, marrying, or having one-night stands with men. Men do it all the time and they are looked upon as cool. Give me a break. I have nothing but respect for these women as they are changing the status quo. Keep in mind that the comments will largely be by hypocritical and uneducated people. In some cases, it’s best not to bark back when dogs bark at you. But in this case, it’s important to speak up as it’s completely unacceptable.

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